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Rising Sun (FW304) Sappers (Winter) Upgrade (SU766)
includes twenty Winter-themed Sapper figures.

Like the riflemen, the sappers get the tasks done with the minimum of fuss or complaint. These dedicated specialists clear minefields, dig fortifications, and assault enemy strongpoints. They can also lay down wire and mines to help strengthen the riflemen’s defence.

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Rising Sun
Rising Sun brings you into the Soviet Union’s wars with the Japanese and Finns on its borders in 1939. Take command of the Red Army’s tank forces, infantry or cavalry forces as you throw the Japanese back into Manchuria or fight the stubborn Finns to expand the Soviet border.

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The Sapper (Winter) Figures
Sappers (Winter) Upgrade (SU766)
The Pioneer Rifle Team in Flames Of War
Pioneer Rifle team 16"/40cm
Tank Assault 3.
Contents of the Sappers (Winter) Upgrade Pack
Contact the customer service team at [email protected] if you have any issues with any of the components.
Sappers (Winter) Upgrade (SU766) Sappers (Winter) Figures
Description of Components
a. 5x Sapper figures carrying box.
b. 5x Sapper figures with spade under arm.
c. 5x Sapper figures with spade in two hands.
d. 5x Sapper figures carry satchel & rope.
Assembling The Pioneer Rifle Teams
The Sappers (Winter) Upgrade pack is intended to be used in conjunction with the Strelkovy Company (Winter) (SBX28) box set. When modelling the Rifle teams using the Strelkovy Company (Winter) box set, simply replace two of the regular riflemen figures with two of the Sapper figures provided in the Upgrade pack. The pack contains enough figures to upgrade one Rifle Platoon from a Strelkovy Company into a Sapper Platoon.

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