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Painted Alpini

Modelling Alpini

The simplest way of modelling Alpini in Flames of War is to use the Fucilieri miniatures with the addition of a simple feather conversion. In combat they would wear the standard M1933 helmet with the boss and feather from their Alpini hat added to the left hand side.

All you need is some modelling putty such as Milliput, Greystuff, or Greenstuff, and a small craft knife for sculpting.

Alpini in Russia in winter gear


Step 1 and 2

Step 1.

Roll a very tiny amount of putty into a ball about 0.5-1mm across. Your fingers are the best tools for this. Then place this on the side of the helmet just forward of the mid left. Make sure your knife is damp and then carefully squash the ball into a circle. This is the boss.

Step 2.

Now take a slightly larger piece of putty and roll it into a sausage. Place this to the right of the boss on a 30-45 degree upward angle. Then with your damp knife again squash the sausage flat.

Step 3 and 4

Step 3.

Now trim the sides of the flat sausage into a basic feather shape. Then with the sharp edge of the knife mark a line down the centre of the feather.

Step 4.

For the final details make lines with the sharp knife-edge radiating out from the centre line at about 45 degrees sloping towards the feather point.

Alpini Hat

Now you have an Alpini helmet, no other modifications are really necessary.

If you are really keen you may like to put a few of your officers, NCOs and gun crew in the traditional Alpini hat. This will require a bit more work.

Here is a basic one I made, it is a bit wobbly, but with a bit of practice I think I can improve on it.

First I made the basic crown shape with a ball of putty. Once it was dry I then cut a band of putty around the edge and reshaped the front into the folded down peak. Finally I added the boss and feather as above.

Other conversions you might like to try are socks over the puttees and capes.


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Alpini conversion Alpini with capes

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