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M50 Sherman (AISBX04) M50 Sherman (AISBX04)
includes two M50 Sherman tanks, four Rare earth magnets & one Tank Commander sprue.

Israel acquired its first Sherman tank via a clandestine arrangement with British soldiers tasked with destroying military equipment prior to the British withdrawal from Palestine in 1948. By 1956, they had several hundred Sherman tanks scrounged from various scrap yards around the world, including 60 M1 Shermans provided by France (M1 was the Israeli designation for the M4A1 tanks armed with 76mm guns). The Israelis acquired more M1 tanks in the late 1950s, having some 300 at their peak. By 1967 the remaining M1 tanks had been fitted with the improved HVSS suspension of the ‘Easy Eight’ and were used for infantry support work on the Jordanian front.

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Fate Of A Nation
The fate of a nation hangs in the balance. Israel cannot lose even a single battle. One defeat would mean the destruction of the tiny Jewish state. Not waiting to be attacked by the Arab forces massing on its borders, Israel strikes first.

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Fate Of A Nation
M50 Sherman (AISBX04) With the surrounding Arab nations receiving increasingly powerful Soviet tanks, the Israelis began to modify their Sherman tanks to keep pace. The first model, the M50
Sherman, mounted the French 75mm CN-75-50 gun from the AMX‑13 light tank in a modified 75mm turret. The first 50 vehicles were ready just in time for the 1956 war. The mobility of these initial vehicles was poor and the engine was overworked, so the engines were replaced with powerful Cummins diesel engines and the suspension upgraded to HVSS like the M1 Super Shermans. In 1967 the Israelis had 179 M50 ‘French’ Sherman tanks.

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Chris Townley
M50 Sherman (AISBX04) M50 Sherman (AISBX04)
The M50 Sherman in Fate Of A Nation
Equipment and Notes
M50 Sherman Standard Tank 7 4 1 Co-ax MG, Hull MG, .50 cal AA MG,
Protected ammo, Unreliable, Wide tracks.
75-CN-50 gun 32"/80cm
2 14 3+
M50 Sherman (AISBX04) M50 Sherman (AISBX04)
Protected Ammo
Many tanks are destroyed not by the enemy shell but by their own ammunition being hit by white-hot fragments of armour and exploding. The chances of this were minimised by providing a safe place for stowing ammunition within the vehicle such as an armoured compartment or inside a water-filled jacket.

If forced to bail out, crews of tanks with protected ammunition are far more confident when it comes to remounting their vehicle quickly.

Tanks with Protected Ammo re-roll all failed Motivation Tests to Remount Bailed Out vehicles in the Starting Step (see page 102 of the main rulebook).
M50 Sherman (AISBX04) M50 Sherman (AISBX04)
Whether poorly designed, unsuitable for the conditions, or requiring more maintenance than current supply considerations will allow, these vehicles have a significant chance of breakdown when pushed too hard.

If an Unreliable vehicle attempts to move At the Double, roll a die. On a roll of 1 the vehicle becomes Bogged Down.
M50 Sherman (AISBX04) M50 Sherman (AISBX04)
Wide Tracks
Some excellent tank designs have successfully utilised wider tracks, allowing them to cross almost any terrain.

If a vehicle with Wide Tracks becomes Bogged Down while attempting to cross Rough Terrain, roll again. On a roll of 4+ the vehicle immediately frees itself and continues moving.
M50 Sherman (AISBX04) M50 Sherman (AISBX04)
The M50 Shermans Move Up A Road
M50 Sherman (AISBX04)
Contents of the M50 Sherman Box Set
Contact the customer service team at [email protected] if you have any issues with any of the components.
M50 Sherman (AISBX04)
Description of Components
a. 1x Tank commander sprue.
b. 2x 75-CN-50 guns.
c. 2x Searchlights
d. 2x Resin turrets.
e. 2x Resin hulls.
f. 2x Left-hand side tracks.
g. 2x Right-hand side tracks.
h. 2x Commander and gunner hatches sprues.
i. 1x Hull MG sprue.
j. 2x .50 cal AA MGs.
k. 4x Rare-earth magnets.
Assembling The M50 Sherman
Step 1. Begin assembly by attacking the tracks to the hull of the M50 Sherman.
Below: Each track has been keyed to correspond with a particular side of the hull; this aids in ensuring the correct orientation of the tracks when assembling the miniature. Below: The correct alignment for the left-hand side track. Below: The correct alignment for the right-hand side track.
M50 Sherman (AISBX04) M50 Sherman (AISBX04) M50 Sherman (AISBX04)
Tip: When referring to left or right-hand side in regards to a Flames Of War miniature, the orientation is determined as if looking at the vehicle from the rear.
Below: The left-hand side track attached to the hull. Below: The right-hand side track attached to the hull. Step 2. Attach the hull machine-gun to the hull.
M50 Sherman (AISBX04) M50 Sherman (AISBX04) M50 Sherman (AISBX04)
Below: The hull machine-gun sprue note: we include extra MGs for ease- keep the spares in your bits box! Below: The hull machine-gun correctly attached to the front of the hull. Step 3. Attach the main gun to the turret.
M50 Sherman (AISBX04) M50 Sherman (AISBX04) M50 Sherman (AISBX04)
Below: The main gun ready for assembly. Below: The main gun correctly attached to the turret. Step 4. Attach the hatches to the turret.

Below: The loader's hatch correctly attached to the turret.
M50 Sherman (AISBX04) M50 Sherman (AISBX04) M50 Sherman (AISBX04)
Step 5. The commander's hatch correctly attached to the turret. Below: (optional) the commander's hatch modelled open. Below: Snip your chosen commander from the sprue.
M50 Sherman (AISBX04) M50 Sherman (AISBX04) M50 Sherman (AISBX04)
Below: The tank commander correctly attached to the turret. Step 6. Attach the .50 cal AA MG to the turret. Below: With the tank commander and AA MG in place, the M50 Sherman is fully-assembled and ready for painting.
M50 Sherman (AISBX04) M50 Sherman (AISBX04) M50 Sherman (AISBX04)
Painting Israeli Tanks
Chris demonstrate how he painted the Israeli tanks that appear in Fate Of A Nation.

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Painting Israeli Tanks
Israeli Decals Deciphered Israeli Decals Deciphered:
A Guide To Using The Israeli Decal Set
Blake provides a guide to using the Israeli Decal set for the vehicles featured in Fate Of A Nation.

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