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Barkmann’s Corner Barkmann’s Corner
Barkmann’s Corner refights Barkmann’s famous battles where he almost single handedly stopped columns of American tanks with his Panther, then somehow nursed his stricken vehicle back to the workshops.

Barkmann's Corner in Flames Of War
On a hill overlooking the fields of Normandie, Panther 424 prowls the woods hunting its prey. Barkmann, a hero of many battles in the East, prepares his brave crew to hunt the wolves from the West. Skilled mechanics work through the whole night to repair the damage inflicted by a wandering Jabo fighterbomber. By daybreak Panther 424 is once again fully operational and now rushes to rejoin its unit. Years later they would call his great stand “Barkmann’s Corner”.
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Barkmann’s Corner Barkmann’s Corner
Barkmann’s Corner Barkmann’s Corner

Moving ever forwards, the sounds of battle grow closer. Friendly infantry upon the road wave down and warn Barkmann of a large American armour column approaching. Moving carefully under the open sky, Barkmann moves from position to position until he sees the swirling dust. He scans the surrounding area, and picks the place of the fight. Groves of large oak trees offer cover from the air, and concealment from the ground, the perfect position.

On this day, at an unnoticed little corner in Normandie, Panther 424 will pass beyond the sum of its leader, crew and armour. It will become the spirit of the German Army.

Barkmann’s Corner
Barkmann and his brave crew’s gallant actions have succeeded in singlehandedly delaying an entire American armoured division’s advance, allowing the rest of the division to establish a new defensive line. The weight of enemy material thrown against them takes their toll on the gallant man, crew, and tank. Several of the crew suffer light wounds. For the tank, one track is blown off, the drive sprocket is damaged, and the internal ventilation system fails. The great Panther licks its wounds and retires to a nearby village for repairs. He has stopped the wolves’ attack, and will return again to unleash his fury.

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Barkmann’s Corner

Barkmann’s Corner
Barkmann’s Corner
As they move back to take their place in the new battle line, Barkmann pauses to take two disabled Panthers in tow. Passing through Countances, they find more Americans. One of the towed Panthers is destroyed by surprise anti-tank fire, but Barkmann pushes on, leaving more smouldering enemy armour in his wake. His band of survivors, including the crews of the two disabled Panthers, again come under concerted air attack and Barkmann himself suffers a wound to the calf.

Breaking through the enemy encirclement, often crossing the path of advancing American armour under the
shadow of darkness, they are finally forced to destroy the towed Panther. Soon after, fire breaks out in Panther 424, and Barkmann and his crew watch as their great beast explodes in a fiery funeral pyre worthy of the warriors of old. Bowed but not beaten, Barkmann leads fourteen weary and wounded survivors through seven kilometres of hostile, enemy-held terrain to their own lines. There, he is received with a hero’s welcome.

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