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SU-12 Self-propelled Gun Battery (SBX26) SU-12 Self-propelled Gun Battery (SBX26)
includes three SU-12 Self-propelled Guns with crew.

The Soviet GAZ-AAA truck proved to be a robust and reliable design that served the Soviets in a variety of roles. Amongst them was providing a mobile gun platform for the 76.2mm obr 1927 regimental gun.  This combination became known as the SU-12 and became the first self-propelled gun to enter service with the Red Army.

Built between 1932 and 1935, the crew of the SU-12 consisted of four men crew one of which was responsible for driving. The gun itself enjoyed a 270° arc of fire and carried a payload of 36 rounds of ammunition.

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Rising Sun
Rising Sun brings you into the Soviet Union’s wars with the Japanese and Finns on its borders in 1939. Take command of the Red Army’s tank forces, infantry or cavalry forces as you throw the Japanese back into Manchuria or fight the stubborn Finns to expand the Soviet border.

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Rising Sun
SU-12 Self-propelled Gun Battery (SBX26) Whilst in action, the crew’s only protection from incoming enemy fire was the thin angular gun shield. Worst still, the driver’s compartment lacked any form of protection. Despite there limitations, the SU-12 provided much needed mobile fire support in the face of stubborn opposition.

The SU-12 saw action against the Japanese at the Battle of Lake Khasan and Battle of Chałchin-Gol during the Soviet-Japanese border wars; during the invasion of Poland and in the Winter War against the Finns. Despite their limited numbers, the SU-12 remained in service into the Great Patriotic War against Germany.

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Andrew Agutters

SU-12 Self-propelled Gun Battery (SBX26) SU-12 Self-propelled Gun Battery (SBX26)
The SU-12 in Flames Of War
Equipment and Notes

- -
76mm obr 1927 gun
Gun shield, Volley fire.
Firing bombardments
SU-12 Self-propelled Gun Battery (SBX26) SU-12 Self-propelled Gun Battery (SBX26)
SU-12 Self-propelled Gun Battery (SBX26)
Gun Shields
Manning a gun in the thick of battle is a hazardous job. To offset the increased vulnerability of gun crews to enemy fire, many guns have a bulletproof gun shield.

Gun Shields provide your Gun teams with Bulletproof Cover from shots fired from in front of a line drawn across the front of the team’s base. Shots fired from behind this line hit the unprotected crew behind the shield.

Gun Shields do not provide cover to teams moving At the Double, nor from artillery bombardments.
SU-12 Self-propelled Gun Battery (SBX26) SU-12 Self-propelled Gun Battery (SBX26)
SU-12 Self-propelled Gun Battery (SBX26) SU-12 Self-propelled Gun Battery (SBX26)
Volley Fire
When the advancing Soviet army came across a German strongpoint, assault guns and artillery batteries stopped to blast it using a massive centralised volley.

If they did not move in the Movement Step, Gun teams and Turretless Tank teams (such as the SU-76, SU-122, and ISU series) may re-roll failed rolls To Hit when shooting, provided the easiest team to hit in the target platoon is within 16”/40cm.

It takes time to build up the volume of fire that Soviet gunners prefer, making it impossible to use volley fire tactics effectively in a hastily-organised ambush.

The Volley Fire rule does not apply to vehicle machineguns, HMG teams or any Anti-aircraft weapon, nor when firing Artillery Bombardments, in Defensive Fire, or conducting an Ambush or Ambuscade.
SU-12 Self-propelled Gun Battery (SBX26)
The SU-12 Self-propelled Gun Battery Moves Out
SU-12 Self-propelled Gun Battery (SBX26)

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