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D-Day: Waffen-SS

Wittmann's Wild Ride
Wittmann’s Wild Ride recreates the epic attack by Obersturmführer Michael Wittmann and his lone Tiger tank against A Company of the 1st Battalion, The Rifle Brigade on the road from Villers-Bocage to Point 213.

Wittmann's Wild Ride in Flames Of War
Unlike most Flames Of War battles, this scenario is rather one-sided. The British forces have no officers at all and can do little but stand where they are and fight. It is Wittmann who dictates the pace of the battle as he advances along the road towards Villers-Bocage.

Villers-Bocage Scenario...

Battle for Point 213 Scenario...

This makes the scenario an ideal introduction to Flames Of War. The new player takes the role of Wittmann and learns the rules and tactics as they attempt to destroy the trapped British force. Be warned though, it is not as easy as it looks, after all Wittmann was an ace. You may need several games to achieve the same degree of success that he did!
Download a PDF of the Wittmann's Wild Ride scenario... 

The game plays quickly, making it ideal for demonstrations or as a club challenge with players taking turns and then swapping roles to see how far they can get.

Wittmann's Wild Ride

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