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M4A3 Sherman 105 (US052)

M4A3 Sherman 105 (US052)

In November 1942 two M4A4 Shermans were modified to carry the 105mm Howitzer for close support work. In 1943 the design was standardised and M4 and M4A3 versions were put into production.

A total of 800 M4s were built between February and September 1943, a further 500 M4A3 versions were built between April and August 1944.

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Our model is the M4A3 version, like the normal M4A3 it was powered by the Ford GAA-III 8-cylinder. The engine generated 500hp and a top speed of 26mph.

The turret is fitted with both a commanders and loaders hatches, the commander’s being the same type as found on the 76mm turret, a cupola with vision ports. 

It is mounted on the later M4A3 hull with 47-degree front armour and horizontally mounted crew hatches.

The M4A3 (105mm) was used in headquarters units to provide fire support.

M4A3 Sherman 105 (US052)
M4A3 Sherman 105 (US052)

They were also used grouped together in Assault Gun Platoons of three vehicles where their massed fire power could be used for effective bombardments.

In Flames Of War

You can add a M4 (105mm) Sherman assault gun to you US Tank Company HQ (p. 90, Festung Europa) to provide useful indirect fire support. It can also be found in the Assault Gun Platoon (p. 92, Festung Europa) providing a armoured mobile battery to support your Tank Company.

The M4 (105mm) Sherman has Fully-tracks mobility, Armour of front 7, side 4 and top 1. 

It is armed with Co-ax MG, Hull MG, .50 call AA MG and a M4 105mm Howitzer. It is fitted with wet ammunition stowage so has the Protected ammo special rule.

The M4 105mm howitzer has a range of 24"/60cm, ROF 1, AT 9 and FP 2+. The howitzer can also fire smoke, however, the turret has Slow traverse.

Firing bombardments it has a range of 48"/120cm, AT 4 and FP 4+.

This model comes with the new Sherman Plastic parts sprue. 

Designed by Evan
Painted by Jeremy

M4A3 Sherman 105 (US052)
Plastic parts M4A3 Sherman 105 (US052)
M4A3 Sherman 105 (US052) M4A3 Sherman 105 (US052)
M4A3 Sherman 105 (US052) M4A3 Sherman 105 (US052)
M4A3 Sherman 105 (US052) M4A3 Sherman 105 (US052)

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