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28 Days Later

28 Days Later: Part Five
A T-34 Battalion
with Chris Townley

It has been another busy week on the brushes; this time applying decals and dry brushing on a few layers of paint to weather the vehicles. Thanks to a day of painting over the weekend with Wayne, Victor and Sean I managed to get the army finished.

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The tracks started off the week looking very shiny (and not shiny in the Firefly way!) after a drybrush of Cold Steel (FWP481).

28 Days Later
I wanted to tone down the effect of the Cold Steel (FWP481) whilst trying to make sure that some of the steel peeked through the mud. I gave the track a heavy dry brush of Battlefield Brown (FWP324), followed by a lighter dry brush of Battledress Brown (FWP325), paying attention not just to the tracks but also getting in and around the road wheels, and front and rear of the hull.
28 Days Later
28 Days Later
Following this (and after applying the decals) I gave the entire tank a very light dry brush of Dry Dust (FWP364) just to help some of the details stand out. You can see the effect of the weathering on the front of the T-34/85 shown on the right.
28 Days Later
28 Days Later
There is not much to say here that Blake has not already covered off with his video on how to apply decals. I decided to keep the tanks very clean and just stick to putting two digit numbers on each turret. This way I could run mixed tank companies with both 76mm and 85mm guns without any of them looking out of place.

Battlefront TV
Basic Decal Guide
Blake demonstrates the basics of applying decals.

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Given that I was going to be putting decals on forty two turrets in one hit I thought it might be prudent to keep the number of decals manageable.
28 Days Later
With the decals finished and a quick dry brush of Dry Dust (FWP364) the army is done. Or at least the first part of it, now I just need to work out what will be next on my painting list! SU-100s, ISUs, ZSU.

So many things with an S and U in it!

~ Chris.
28 Days Later
28 Days Later

Last Updated On Monday, June 29, 2015