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Churchill IV (NA75)

Churchill IV, NA75 (BR074)

The Churchill Infantry Tank was the fourth development of the Infantry Tank concept.  It was exceptionally well-armoured with thick frontal plates. Although it was slow, the Churchill proved agile and capable on the hills and slopes of Tunisia in 1943.

While on campaign in Tunisia a young Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineer (R.E.M.E.) officer, Captain Percy Morrell, noted the tank crews of the 21st and 25th Tank Brigades complaints about the poor performance of the 6pdr with HE.

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As the second in command of the 665 Tank Troops Workshop, R.E.M.E, Captain Morrell oversaw the scrapping of battle-damaged vehicles. During this process he noted the large numbers of Sherman 75mm guns that remained intact despite the damage to the remainder of the tank. What if these could be mounted on the Churchill?

His idea found its way to his commanders and the idea was soon presented to Major General W.S. Tope. Under the threat of “get this right and you’ll go far, stuff it up and your military career will go no further”, a new Churchill IV was presented for test conversion. 

Churchill IV (NA75)
Churchill IV (NA75) The conversion was a complete success; the Churchill actually proved a superior platform to the Sherman, the added weight of the Churchill improving accuracy. The conversion process presented few major issues. The Sherman mantlet was modified to increase elevation and the breech mounting was rotated 180 degrees to move the breech feed from the left to right to suit the Churchills crew positions.
The conversion was approved and approximately 200 Churchills were converted to take the 75mm Sherman gun between April and June 1944. The name NA75 comes from North Africa (NA) where the conversions took place, and 75 is for the gun.   
They were sent into action in Italy in June 1944 with the 21st and 25th Tank Brigades.

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Churchill IV (NA75)
Churchill IV (NA75) In Flames Of War

The Churchill IV (NA75) is Fully-tracked and has an armour of Front 8, Side 7 and Top 2. It is armed with a Co-ax MG, Hull MG, and M3 75mm gun. It has Protected ammo, is a Slow tank, is fitted with a Tow hook, and has Wide tracks for better rough terrain mobility.
The M3 75mm gun from the Sherman as Range 32”/80cm, ROF 2, Anti-tank 10 and Firepower 3+. Like the British Shermans the 75mm gun can also be used for Semi-indirect fire and can fire Smoke.

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Churchill IV (NA75)
Churchill IV (NA75) Churchill IV (NA75)
Churchill IV (NA75) Churchill IV (NA75)
Churchill IV (NA75) Churchill IV (NA75)
Churchill IV (NA75)

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