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ZSU-57-2 Anti-air Company (VPABX05) ZSU-57-2 Anti-air Company (VPABX05)
includes four ZSU-57-2 Anti-aircraft tanks, four PAVN head sprues & one PAVN tank decal sheet.

The ZSU-57-2 was a Soviet built self-propelled anti-aircraft gun that first came into service with the Red Army in 1955. The acronym ZSU stands for Zenitnaya Samokhodnaya Ustanovka, which when translated means anti-aircraft self-propelled mount; 57 designates the calibre of the weapons and 2 states the number of gun barrels.

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Tour Of Duty
The Vietnam War defined a generation, whether it was through service in Vietnam or opposition to the war. The war in Vietnam remains one the bloodiest wars since the Second World War. 

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Tour Of Duty
ZSU-57-2 Anti-air Company (VPABX05) Built on the chassis of the T-54 tank, the twin S-68 57mm cannons were mounted in an open-topped turret which only offered the crew inside a minimum level of armour protection. Manned by a crew of six (driver, commander, gunner, dedicated sight adjuster and a pair of loaders), the ZSU-57-2 was limited to only engaging aircraft that the crew could actually see.  Once an aircraft was spotted, the sight adjustor had to correctly calibrate the gun sight before the target could be engaged; making the vehicle virtually useless during night time operations.
ZSU-57-2 Anti-air Company (VPABX05) ZSU-57-2 Anti-air Company (VPABX05)
The war in Vietnam was the first recorded service for the ZSU-57-2 in a combat zone. But the North Vietnamese quickly learnt that the ZSU-57-2 was just as effective in providing fire support for infantry attacks as it was sweeping the air of enemy aircraft.

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Blake Coster
ZSU-57-2 Anti-air Company (VPABX05)
ZSU-57-2 Anti-air Company (VPABX05)
The ZSU-57-2 in Flames Of War Vietnam
Equipment and Notes
Standard Tank 1 1
Twin S-68 57mm
5 12 4+
ZSU-57-2 Anti-air Company (VPABX05)
ZSU-57-2 Anti-air Company (VPABX05)
Anti-Aircraft: Who Can Shoot
Shooting at aircraft requires a special anti-aircraft mounting to allow the weapon to shoot at high angles and rotate rapidly to track fast-moving aircraft.

Only weapons with the Anti-aircraft, Heavy Anti-aircraft, or Self-defence Anti-aircraft attribute can fire at Aircraft. Anti-aircraft weapons that are still being towed by or carried as Passengers in Transport vehicles cannot shoot at Aircraft.

Anti-aircraft weapons must have a Line of Sight and be within Range to shoot at Aircraft.

Any teams that shoot at Aircraft can’t move At the Double, Dig In, Shoot or Assault in their next turn.

Any weapons (other than Self-defence Anti-aircraft weapons) that shoot at Aircraft cannot conduct Defensive Fire if assaulted later in this turn.
ZSU-57-2 Anti-air Company (VPABX05)
ZSU-57-2 Anti-air Company (VPABX05)
The ZSU-57-2 anti-aircraft tank is the chassis of a T-54 battle tank mounting twin 57mm anti-aircraft guns in an open-topped turret. Its rate of fire makes it deadly to aircraft and helicopters, while its high-velocity, long-barrelled guns punch through light armour with ease.
ZSU-57-2 Anti-air Company (VPABX05) ZSU-57-2 Anti-air Company (VPABX05)
The ZSU-57-2 Anti-air Company Sweep The Air Of Enemy Aircraft
ZSU-57-2 Anti-air Company (VPABX05)
Contents of the ZSU-57-2 Anti-air Company Box Set
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ZSU-57-2 Anti-air Company (VPABX05)
Description of Components
a. 4x Mudguard & .50cal AA MG sprues.
b. 8x 57mm main gun barrels.
c. 4x Gun sights.
4x Crew head sprues.
e. 8x Rare earth magnets.
f. 4x Right-hand side tracks.
g. 4x Leftt-hand side tracks.
h. 4x Resin ZSU-57-2 turrets & hulls.
PAVN Tank Decal Sheet
Description of Components
a. 1x PAVN tank decal sheet.
ZSU-57-2 Anti-air Company (VPABX05)
Assembling The ZSU-57-2
Follow the diagram to the below to correctly assemble the ZSU-57-2.

Finally, make use of the rare-earth magnets to secure the turrets to the hulls.

Read Chris’ guide to using rare-earth magnets with you Flames Of War miniatures here…

ZSU-57-2 Anti-air Company (VPABX05)
PAVN Tank Painting Guide
ZSU-57-2 Anti-air Company (VPABX05)

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