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Rifle team Infantrie Platoon (RO702)
Vanatori Motorizata, Vanatori de Munte and Puscasi Platoons

The infantry divisions (Puscasi) were organized into 3 infantry regiments, one partially motorized recon group, one anti-tank company, a pioneer battalion and two artillery regiments, for a total of 13,500 men.
Infantrie Platoon (RO702)

The infantry regiments were numbered 1st – 40th and 82nd – 96th and the Vanatori (hunters) regiments 1st – 10th, from these the divisions were organized. In spring 1942 each regiment consisted of 2 battalions (each battalion of 3 companies, each company of 3 Puscasi (Rifle) platoons, each platoon of 4 sections), a heavy weapons company (3 platoons of 37 mm Anti-tank guns and one platoon of 47 mm Anti-tank guns), a heavy mortar company (3 platoons of two 120mm Mortars each) and a recon company.

Each battalion also had a heavy weapons company consisting of four machine-gun platoons (four ZB-53 HMGs each) and one mortar platoon (four 81.4 mm Brandt mortars). 

Command Rifle team
Rifle/MG team

The infantry were armed with the Czech ZB (Zbrojovka Brno) model 1924 rifle. It was modified version of the German Mauser 98K and used the standard 7.92 mm cartridge. 

The reserve units received the older Mannlicher model 1895 rifle, which were modified from Austrian 8mm to German 7.92mm.

Each infantry section had a ZB model 1930 light machine-gun. The machine-gunner also had a 9mm Steyr model 1912 pistol.

The Vanatori de Munte (mountain hunters) units were created in 1916 during the First World War and were the elite troops of the Romanian infantry. In June 1941, the Mountain Corps consisted of four brigades (1st-4th). There were 24 battalions (1st-24th).

Rifle/MG team
Rifle team

A mountain brigade had 6 battalions, one mountain artillery and one mountain pioneer battalion.

The battalion had 3 rifle companies, each company 3 platoons and each platoon 3 sections. Attached were a heavy weapons company (three machine-gun platoons and one mortar platoon).

They fought tenaciously in the Crimea and the Caucuses.

The Vanatori Motorizata (motorised hunters) were the motorised infantry who fought alongside the tanks in the Armoured Division. They were armed and organised much the same as the Vanatori de Munte with the addition of trucks for transport.

Rifle team
Rifle team In Flames Of War

As indicated above you can field all three types of Romanian infantry from this platoon pack. The Puscasi Platoons can use all four squads while the Vanatori use up to three squads.

The Puscsi are Rated regular, but both types of Vanatori are rated as Elite.

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Jeremy
Rifle/MG team Command team
Command team Rifle/MG team
Rifle team Rifle/MG team
Rifle/MG team Rifle/MG team

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