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Battlefield in a Box Terrain Update
with John-Paul

Over the last few months it has become blatantly obvious to all that our Battlefield In A Box range is popular to a level that we keep being surprised beyond even our expectations by the demand.
Cratered Cobblestone Roads (BB142)
This inevitably leads to temporary stock shortages whilst we re-group and make what is needed to satisfy the initial demand. We have been working hard to increase capacity and get ahead with mastering so that the initial demand can be met but this still leaves one vital element out of the mix that is a biggest factor in getting this right, you!
Small Pine Woods (Winter) (BB145)
We have always for-warned the community of our plans by varying amounts of time from three to six months for books to one month to six weeks for specific codes. This works well for most things but painted terrain has changed all that and the usual window of warning is not enough time to react to the ever growing demand for more leaving us with our issue.
Bastogne Church (BB150) Bastogne Church (BB150)
What we are going to do starting today is have a different regime for Battlefield In A Box. We are going to let you know it is coming as soon as we can so that you and your local store can get a much better idea of demand in enough time for us to make more right from the start. This is not a new idea and anybody who has ever ordered from a Previews magazine for comics or collectables knows that advanced solicitation three to six months out is normal but for us this is a change.
Rocky Outcorps (BB545)
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Release Date
Cratered Cobblestone Roads
Flames Of War
November 2012
Small Pine Wood: Winter
Flames Of War
November 2012
Bastogne Church
Flames Of War December 2012
BB545 Rocky Outcrops
25-30mm December 2012
BB546 Toxic Pools 25-30mm November 2012
BB547 Energon Crystals (Purple) 25-30mm November 2012
Bocage (Straights)
Flames Of War
Direct Only (Dec)
Bocage (Extras)
Flames Of War
Direct Only (Dec)
Toxic Pools (BB546)
Starting today we have put up in the store some information for every terrain release we have ready to show as far ahead as we can go. Some of the release dates are still a little vague and it will say a month rather than a specific week but the intention is simply to make is easy for you to plan and communicate with either us or your retail store if these are items you are interested in having on release. 
Energon Crystals (BB547)
Retail stores will also be getting the information this week. We will continue to do this as far ahead as we can so that we absolutely give everybody the maximum possible time to get what they want.

~ John-Paul.
Bocage (Straights) (BB165) on the tabletop
Bocage (Straights) (BB165) Bocage (Extras) (BB166)
Bocage (Extras) (BB166) on the tabletop

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