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2013 Official Battlefront Events

As this year’s tournament season rapidly comes to a conclusion, we thought this would be an excellent time to share with you our plans for the next season! For next tournament year, starting after the Masters, we will be expanding the number of events and locations from prior years. We are bringing this about in a couple of ways: first, by running even more events in the United Kingdom and mainland Europe by partnering with several European Tournaments; and secondly by increasing the number of events in the USA – even finally bringing the battle to the West Coast!

Next year’s season is going to be a mammoth undertaking, with Joe Krone saddling up for over 12,000 miles of driving, taking the Battlefront Booth literally from coast-to-coast. Gareth in the UK is now our second ‘Joe’, and between the two of them they are going to be very busy. New tables and scenery are being made, and many new prizes will be on offer for the victors!

We also have big changes on the horizon in the form of new point levels for the three periods of the war.  The Masters will now be based solely on battle points (you guys should already know how to behave and have painted models). We will also be adding our first UK Masters, to be held in early December. If painting is the accolade that you hope to claim for your army, we are pleased to announce that the Iron Cross painting competition will become a more stand-alone type of event held at our Nationals!

Speaking about the spoils of war, there will be a brand new objective model for all tournament participants –  which means that, yes, you have to play at a nationals to get your hands on one.
Below is the list of registered events, army points, special victory conditions (if applicable) and any other relevant information that we have to pass along. This season is going to be huge!

30 Nov-1; US Masters; Philadelphia, PA, USA.
TBD; UK Masters; Nottingham, England.
19-20; BF Early War Nationals Tournament 1625 points - Firestorm Games, Cardiff, England.
26-27; BF Mid War National Tournament 1675 points - Auckland, New Zealand.
To be confirmed ; Templecon late war themed 1780 points; Warwick, RI, USA.
TBD; Campaign Weekend, points TBC - BF UK HQ Gaming Venue, Nottingham, England.
18-21; BF Early War National Tournament 1625 points - Adepticon; Chicago, IL, USA.
26-28; Little Wars Mid War doubles - Chicago, IL, USA.
4-5; BF Mid War National Tournament 1675 points - Tabletop Nation, Essex, England.
18-19; Showcase Comics Tournament Event Late War open 1780 points ; Media, PA, USA.
24-27; BF West Coast Late War National Tournament 1780 points - Kublacon, San Francisco, CA, USA.
TBD; Summer Bash TBC - BF UK HQ Gaming Venue, Nottingham, England.
TBD; BF Mid War National Tournament, 1675 points - War Games Convention, Austin, TX, USA.
13-16; Origins Mid War Open Tournament, 1675 points - Columbus, OH, USA.
TBD; BF Late War National Tournament, 1780 points - Historicon, Fredericksburg, VA, USA.
TBD; Grand Tournament Warm Up Weekend Late War, 1780 points - BF UK HQ Gaming Venue, Nottingham, England.
TBD; BF Canadian Late War National Tournament, 1780 points - Calgary, AL, Canada.
21-22; European Grand Tournament Late War, 1780 points - Maelstrom Games, Mansfield, England.
TBD; Winter’s Coming, TBD - BF UK HQ Gaming Venue, Nottingham, England.
TBD; Warstore Weekend, Early, Mid and Late War one each day, points TBD - Meadowlands, NJ, USA.
TBD; FlamesCon; Auckland, New Zealand.
TBD; US Masters; Philadelphia, PA, USA.
TBD; UK Masters; Nottingham, UK.

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