Romanian Crest Romanian Miniatures and Models

As well as our selection of Romanian miniatures a number of other nations weapons can be used for the Romanians when used with our RSO04 Gun Crew:

GSO501 3.7cm PaK36 gun for the TAC 37mm gun
ISO503 47/32 gun for the TAC Bohler 47mm gun
GSO502 5cm PaK38 gun for the TAC 938 50mm gun
GSO503 7.5 Pak97/38 gun for the TAC 938 75mm gun
FSO501 76K/02 (76mm obr1902 gun) for the RF 75mm gun
ISO506 100/17 howitzer for the Skoda 100mm Howitzer
GSO507 2cm FlaK38 gun for the Mitral 20mm gun

For vehicles not listed in the Romanian range use:

GE022 Panzer 38(t) for the T-38
GE034 Panzer III for the T-3
GE044 Panzer IV for the T-4
GE301 Sdkfz 222
GE412, GE413, GE425, and GE426 for 1.5-ton trucks
GE430 and GE431 for 3-ton trucks
SU273 for captured Stalinets tractors
FR211 Renault UE Carrier & Trailer

British figures can be used for tank crew.
Romanian Panzer IV



75mm gun


RF 75mm gun

Available is a selection of additional teams and miniatures through the Special Order Catalogue. These are:

Above and Left: FI570 with RSO101 Romanian crew

RSO101 Romanian Artillery Group

This contains:Command team (1 Officer, 1 NCO, 1 Rifleman, and small base), Staff team (2 Officers, 1 Telephone operator, 1 Rifleman, table and medium base), Observer team (2 Observers and small base), and 20 Artillery/Gun crew.

RSO102 Romanian Panzerfausts (2 Riflemen with Panzerfausts)

RF 75mm gun
Malaxa or Renault UE carrier

RSO103 Romanian Panzerschrek team (2 Panzerschreck gunners, 2 loaders, and 1 medium base)

Left: FR211 Renault UE Carrier & Trailer

Panzer IV G Romanian Sd Kfz 221

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