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German Polizei (GSO193)

German Polizei (GSO193)
includes seven German Polizei figures.

From 1939 to 1943, while the German Army spread across Europe, more and more Europeans fell under their control. A number of different formations became responsible for the law enforcement, security, and troop movement throughout the expanding Reich.

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Use the Partisans and Polizei miniatures with your Soviet and German infantry to play the small-scale adventures in the Partisans & Polizei mini-game from Firestorm—Bagration. These miniatures can also be used to add variety to any existing force. The German Polizei can also be used in the Partisans & Polizei scenario "Escape From The Gestapo" or used just to add variety to any existing force. 

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Some were civilian police units, other were military or SS units. These Security Units originated from a variety of backgrounds but all were essentially organized to keep order and discipline within occupied areas.

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Painted by Jeremy Painter and James Brown
Sculpted by Evan Allen and Seth Nash

Contents of the German Polizei Pack
Note: The German Polizei pack doesn't contain the extra small bases shown in the photos.
Below: 1x Officer figure cocking pistol.
German Polizei (GSO193) German Polizei (GSO193)
Below: 1x Crouching figure throwing grenade.
German Polizei (GSO193) German Polizei (GSO193)
Below: 1x Standing figure with MP40.
German Polizei (GSO193) German Polizei (GSO193)
Below: 3x Dog handler figures.
German Polizei (GSO193) German Polizei (GSO193)
Below: 1x LMG team.
German Polizei (GSO193) German Polizei (GSO193)

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