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Blitzkrieg British Armoured Regiment Adjustment

Feedback on the British Armoured Regiment in Blitzkrieg and Hellfire and Back since their release has suggested that we got it wrong and we agree. After careful consideration, we have decided to adjust the points for the Armoured Regiment and Crusader Squadron, remove the Charge! rule, and break up the Armoured Companies into separate platoons for all purposes.

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This prevents them bringing multiple platoons on from Reserves or in Ambush as one big unit. We have limited the points changes to the core armoured units, leaving those supporting other types of forces the same, to address the synergy of the massed armour while minimising the impact on other forces.

To help update your books as simply and aesthetically as possible we have produced an adhesive sheet for Blitzkrieg and Hellfire & Back. The full colour stickers allow you to replace the incorrect points and rules in a format that avoids whole pages being inserted and keeps your book intact.

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Hellfire and Back
The Blitzkrieg Sticker Sheet
The Blitzkrieg Sticker Sheet
The Hellfire and Back Sticker Sheet
The Hellfire and Back Sticker Sheet
These sheets are being sent to stores around the world next week in the quantities to match the number of copies of both books they have purchased since release. This means we would like you to pop in to your local store and get hold of your sheets so you can insert them into your books. Should you be unable to do so please get in touch with your local customer service team who handle your area and they will post you out the stickers. We appreciate the effort this will require but felt that correcting this error was vital to maintaining the balance of the force lists FOW is famous for having.

Download a PDF version of the Blitzkrieg and Hellfire and Back Sticker Sheet here...

Last Updated On Thursday, September 8, 2011 by Blake at Battlefront