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Cassino Officer's Campaign Pack (FW219A)
with Officer's Planning Map, ten Cassino Ace Medal Pins, one Black Wet-erasable pen & one Map Case.
Infantry Aces is an escalation campaign system that allows players to play their infantry forces in a whole new way. As an escalation system, a player's force starts at 500 points, progresses through 700 points, and ends at 900 points. Players fight to control three routes through the Liri Valley, the town of Cassino, and through the mountains. As the campaign moves from turn to turn, players’ Infantry Aces gain experience, which they can use to get new skills.

Limited Stock Available in the USA only.

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Infantry Aces Officers Campaign Pack Unboxed
Mike and Sean unbox the Infantry Aces Officers Campaign Pack.

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The Officer's Planning Map
The Officer's Planning Map

To assist campaign organisers we came up with the Cassino Officers Campaign Pack. This pack contains massive 39”/100cm x 22”/56cm  Officer’s Planning Map featuring the campaign map, quick reference charts and space to write up results and player information. Whether you want to pin the map up on the wall so all your players can easily see whats going on or roll it up to keep it safe between games, there is no easier way of managing everyones progress in the fight for Cassino. Needless to say we would not give you this great campaign tool and not include a wet-erase pen as well so that you can write on it!

Infantry Aces Logo
The Officer's Planning Map In Use
Cassino Officer's Campaign Pack (FW219A)
Whilst bragging rights for the winners is always in style, we thought it would be great if there was a reward for sucessfully completing the campaign so we have included a set of ten Cassino Ace medals that you can award to players.

Right: Examples of the Cassino Infantry Ace medals.

Download PDF versions of the Infantry Aces Company Chart and Results Sheet here...
Cassino Officer's Campaign Pack (FW219A)

Cassino Officer's Campaign Pack (FW219A)

Last but not least, we packaged the entire product in a sturdy map case, more than suitable for keeping your map (and any campaign notes you take) safe in between rounds or campaigns.

Left: The sturdy Map Case will ensure the map is kept safe between games.

Below: The Black Wet-erasable pen used to record the progress of a campaign on the map.

Cassino Officer's Campaign Pack (FW219A)

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