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Fusiliers Motocyclistes Squad (FR400)
Fusiliers Motocyclistes Squad (FR400)
with one Fusiliers Motocyclistes Squad or one Fusiliers Motocyclistes HQ Section with VB team.

Each peleton de fusiliers motocyclistes, as the motorcycle platoons are known, has a headquarters and two groups of fusiliers divided into two sections each with an FM 24/29 light machine-gun. The headquarters has the platoon commander and the combined VB rifle-grenadiers of the platoon.

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"Motorcycle Platoons use the Blitzkrieg Motorcycle Reconnaissance rules on page 13 of Blitzkrieg and are Reconnaissance Platoons while mounted."
The Fusiliers Motocyclistes Squad blister contains the models and figures to construct either Fusiliers Motocyclistes HQ Section containing the Command team and the VB team or a one Fusiliers Motocyclistes Squad with two Motorcycle MG teams.

Right & Above Left: The Command Motorcycle team.

Motorbikes by Evan Allen
Figures designed by Anton Durot
Painted by James Brown

Fusiliers Motocyclistes Squad (FR400)

Blitzkrieg Motorcycle Reconnaissance
Motorcycles are the ideal replacement for horsed cavalry in places like Europe where there are plenty of roads. Their speed makes them perfect for leading the way in every advance.

Blitzkrieg Motorcycle Reconnaissance teams are Infantry and Gun teams prefixed with the word Motorcycle. Blitzkrieg Motorcycle Reconnaissance teams do not have separate motorcycle Transport teams. Instead, they are Cavalry teams combining both riders and vehicles into the same team. As such they have a 3+ Infantry Save.

Note: Motorcycle and Sidecar teams are still Transport teams just like a Kfz 15 field car or any other commander’s vehicle. As Transport teams they have a 5+ Unarmoured Vehicle Save.

Fusiliers Motocyclistes Squad (FR400) Fusiliers Motocyclistes Squad (FR400)
Basing Motorcycles
"Because each motorcycle can only carry two soldiers in addition to its driver, most teams have two motorcycles, one carrying a machine-gun and the other carrying the rest of the crew and extra ammunition."

Motorcycle Command teams, Anti-tank Rifle teams and Light Mortar teams are carried on a single motorcycle and sidecar based on a medium base facing the narrow end.

All other Motorcycle infantry and gun teams are carried on two motorcycles and sidecars based on a large base facing the narrow end.

Below: Motorcycle VB team.
Fusiliers Motocyclistes Squad (FR400) Fusiliers Motocyclistes Squad (FR400)
Motorcycle Reconnaissance
Motorcyclists quickly learned to use their speed and reconnaissance skills to survive.

Blitzkrieg Motorcycle Reconnaissance teams are Recce teams and Blitzkrieg Motorcycle Reconnaissance platoons are Reconnaissance Platoons while they are mounted on their motorcycles.

When a Blitzkrieg Motorcycle Reconnaissance platoon dismounts, it stops being a Reconnaissance Platoon. If the platoon was Reorganizing after having Disengaged last turn (see page 153 of the rulebook), it continues to Reorganize when it dismounts.

Fusiliers Motocyclistes Squad (FR400) Fusiliers Motocyclistes Squad (FR400)
Move as Jeeps
The biggest advantage of motorcycle-mounted infantry is their speed of movement across good terrain, but they are better off fighting on foot in rougher terrain.

Blitzkrieg Motorcycle Reconnaissance teams move as Jeep teams rather than as Cavalry teams.

Below: The Fusiliers Motocyclistes Platoon's HQ Section with Command Motorcycle team and Motorcycle VB team.
Fusiliers Motocyclistes Squad (FR400)
Dismounting from Motorcycles
Like cavalry, motorcycle reconnaissance units move mounted, but dismount to fight, sending their vehicles to the rear.

Blitzkrieg Motorcycle Reconnaissance teams may dismount and send their vehicles to the rear at the start of your Movement Step. If they do so, replace all Motorcycle teams in the platoon with the equivalent Infantry teams placed anywhere under the area covered by the Motorcycle team it replaces. As an example, a Command Motorcycle SMG team would dismount as an SMG team and a Motorcycle MG team would dismount as an MG team.

Blitzkrieg Motorcycle Reconnaissance teams may only dismount if you have Infantry or Gun teams for the dismounted soldiers to replace them with, otherwise they must stay on their vehicles. When a Bogged Down Blitzkrieg Motorcycle Reconnaissance team dismounts, it immediately ceases to be Bogged Down. German Blitzkrieg Motorcycle Reconnaissance teams can also dismount at the start of a Stormtroopers move.

Below: The Fusiliers Squad of Motorcycle MG teams. 
Fusiliers Motocyclistes Squad (FR400) Fusiliers Motocyclistes Squad (FR400)
Starting Dismounted
When motorcyclists are called on to defend their gains, they dug in and sent their bikes to the rear.

You may start the game with all of the Blitzkrieg Motorcycle Reconnaissance teams in a platoon dismounted by replacing each Motorcycle team with the equivalent dismounted team.

Fusiliers Motocyclistes Squad (FR400) Fusiliers Motocyclistes Squad (FR400)
Shooting from Motorcycles
Machine-gun-armed motorcycles mount their weapons on the sidecar allowing the gunner to fire on the move.

Blitzkrieg Motorcycle Reconnaissance teams have a field of fire extending 180 degrees across the front of their base.

Unlike horsed cavalry, Motorcycle MG, Rifle/MG, and SMG teams can fire at full ROF while mounted and fire at full
ROF when moving. Motorcycle HMG teams fire as MG teams (ROF 3) while mounted.

Other Blitzkrieg Motorcycle Reconnaissance teams may not shoot at all unless they remain stationary, but then fire with their full ROF.

Fusiliers Motocyclistes Squad (FR400) Fusiliers Motocyclistes Squad (FR400)
Dismount to Assault
Motorcycles are designed for speedy advances, not for assaults. Motorcyclists dismount before assaulting.

While mounted, Blitzkrieg Motorcycle Reconnaissance teams cannot Launch an Assault and must Break Off if assaulted.

Fusiliers Motocyclistes Squad (FR400) Fusiliers Motocyclistes Squad (FR400)
Below: One Fusiliers Squad of two Motorcycle MG team from the Fusiliers Motocyclistes Platoon.
Fusiliers Motocyclistes Squad (FR400)
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