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Vickers HMG team

Machine-gun Platoon (Late) (BR724)
Gun, Machine, Vickers, .303-inch

The standard HMG used during the war by the British and Empire forces was the Vickers.

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Machine-gun Platoon

This simple modification of the Maxim Machine-gun first entered service with the British army in 1912 as the ‘Gun, Machine, Vickers, .303-inch Mark I’.

The water-cooled Vickers was capable of amazing feats of endurance, in one example in 1916 the Vickers of the 100th Machine-gun company, 100 Infantry Brigade fired nearly 1 million rounds virtually non-stop (with only stops for barrel changes) over a 24-hour period. 

They proved such a successful and reliable weapon they remained in service virtually unchanged until 1968. Its rate of fire was about 450rpm, but this could vary with individual weapons. 

Vickers HMG team
Vickers HMG team Despite it age is remained the main crew served machine-gun of the British Army for the entire war.

In Flames  of War

Whether the specialist support troops of the infantry divisions or the list skilled platoons of the motorised troops the Vickers machine-gun troops are a vital asset. 
The specialist of the Rifle Company’s Support Platoons can fire bombardments as well as more standard direct fire. The Machine gun support of the Motor Company’s Machine-gun have less intensive training and fire only direct.
Vickers HMG team
PIAT team

The Vickers HMG in a Man-packed Gun team and has a Range 24”/60cm, ROF 6, AT 2, FP 6 and it’s ROF it only reduced to 2 when pinned down.

Those troops who can fire bombardments can fire Range 40”/100cm, AT -, FP -. They can pin down the enemy, but only harm those unit caught in the open by their bombardment.

Designed by Evan
Painted by Jeremy

Vickers HMG team Vickers HMG team
Vickers HMG team Vickers HMG team
Vickers HMG team Vickers HMG team
Vickers HMG team Vickers HMG team
Vickers HMG team Vickers HMG team

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