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Generalmajor Rommel (GE892) Generalmajor Rommel (GE892)
with Panzer 38(t).

General Erwin Rommel is most famous for his exploits as the ‘Desert Fox’ commanding the Deutsches Afrikakorps, in the Western Desert in 1941 and 1942. He began the Second World War commanding Hitler’s bodyguard. Despite his inexperience with armoured forces, Hitler supported his request to command 7. Panzerdivision in France. The speed of Rommel’s advance led to the division being nicknamed the ‘Ghost Division’ as neither the enemy nor his own commanders had any idea where it would be next.

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On 13 May 1940, three days into the campaign, Rommel was ordered to make an assault crossing of the Meuse River at Dinant against a stout defence by French forces in bunkers supported by artillery. Rommel personally led the attack, crossing with the second wave of boats before getting into the river with the engineers to build a bridge. As a senior officer he had no place leading such an assault, but news of his leading from the front endeared him to his men and inspired fierce loyalty.

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Generalmajor Rommel (GE892)
Generalmajor Rommel (GE892)
Rommel continued to demonstrate his fearlessness in battle. Following the Meuse crossing, Rommel led the charge
through France, and was nearly killed when he drove his tank into heavy anti-tank fire at a sand quarry. Injured in the face when his tank was knocked out, Rommel was saved only by the timely intervention of Colonel Rothenburg, commander of the 25th Panzer Regiment. On 15 May, Rommel and his command group overran a French artillery battery that was setting up, believing itself to be far behind the front lines. The next day, on his own initiative, Rommel launched the ‘Ghost Division’ west to reach the Sambre River and secure a bridgehead without waiting to clear his flanks. It was a risky move which paid off, and Rommel was awarded the Knights Cross, recognising his extreme battlefield bravery and successful leadership.
After Dunkirk when the German Army turned south across the Somme, Rommel personally led a reconnaissance before ordering an attack on St. Valery-en-Caux on the French coast. His bold attack caught the defenders by surprise and on 12 June 12,000 men of the British 51st (Highland) Division and French 70th Alpine Division surrendered to Rommel’s division. 7. Panzerdivision continued west, capturing Cherbourg on 18 June, only days before the signing of the armistice with France. Although Rommel’s daring thrusts were seen as reckless by some German commanders, his personal bravery and tactical skill further enhanced his reputation with Hitler and led to his appointment with the Deutsches Afrikakorps where he became internationally renowned and respected as a general of the highest ability.
Generalmajor Rommel (GE892)
Generalmajor Rommel (GE892) Characteristics

Generalmajor Erwin Rommel is a Warrior and a Higher Command Tank team rated as Fearless Veteran. Rommel is mounted in a Panzer 38(t) tank.

You may field Rommel for +130 points in any Czech Panzerkompanie, Schützenkompanie, or Kradschützenkompanie that includes a Czech Panzer Platoon equipped with Panzer 38(t) tanks.
Special Rules

Fingertip Feeling
Rommel is said to have Fingerspitzengefühl, a fingertip feeling for battle. One German platoon within 8”/20cm of Rommel may make a normal move within its deployment area after both sides have deployed but before any Reconnaissance Deployment moves.

Generalmajor Rommel (GE892)
Generalmajor Rommel (GE892) Rommel at the Point
Rommel leads from the front. Any German platoon that Rommel joins passes all Motivation Tests on a roll of 3+ and may re-roll all failed Skill Tests to make Stormtroopers moves.

Tank Designed by Evan Allen
Rommel Designed by James Brown
Stowage by James Brown
Painted by James Brown

Generalmajor Rommel (GE892) Generalmajor Rommel (GE892)
Generalmajor Rommel (GE892) Generalmajor Rommel (GE892)
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