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Hungarian Infantry Company (HBX01)
Önkéntes Puskás Század (Volunteer Rifle Company) or Puskás Század (Rifle Company)

Hungarian infantry forces have a mixture of veterans and new recruits, but can be counted on to fight with skill and enthusiasm. With a mixture of weapons at their disposal a Hungarian Rifle Company is versatile enough to defeat any enemy.

Önkéntes Puskás Század in Stalin's Europe (Late-war)

The riflemen of the Budapest defence infantry come from a variety of sources, from highly motivated volunteers to professional police and regular soldiers.

Stalin's Europe

HBX01 Company Headquarters

All the different forces trapped inside Budapest fought together and supported each other. In addition to the machine-guns of their weapons platoons, they are backed up by mortars, assault guns, panzers, anti-tank, infantry, reconnaissance, heavy mortars, anti-aircraft, artillery and aircraft.

HBX01 Önkéntes Puskás Platoon

Puskás Század in Eastern Front (Mid-war)

The stout riflemen of the Puskás Század, or infantry company, are exactly the type of soldier you want holding your lines. With a plethora of additional weapons at their disposal—lots of machine guns and mortars, anti-tank guns and the daring scouts—you’ll never be short of options on the battlefield. After the enemy break themselves upon your withering defensive fire, a well-timed advance by your riflemen will carry the day.

Included in HBX01:

  • 5x Command teams
  • 18 x Rifle teams with Rifle/MG options
  • 2x Light Mortar Teams
  • 2x Panzerschrek teams
  • 3x HMG teams
  • 4x Optional Panzerfausts
  • 4x Optional Páncélvadász (Tank-hunters with anti-tank grenades or mines)

From which you can make:

  • Company Headquarters
  • Önkéntes Puskás Platoon (x2)
  • Puskás Machine-gun Platoon
A HBX01 box will give you the core of a Hungarian Infantry Company for either Mid or Late-war.
HBX01 Puskás Machine-gun Platoon
HBX01 Önkéntes Puskás Század
HBX01 Puskás Platoon

HBX01 Puskás riflemen

Design by Evan Allen
Panzerschreck teams designed by Anton Ducrot
Painted by Wayne Turner

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