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Romanian Infantry Battalion (RBX01)
Batalion Puscasi (Rifle Battalion)
Contains 133 Miniatures

A Romanian soldier may lead a simple life but he knows how to fight and is very courageous in the face of the enemy. With a mixture of riflemen and machine-guns a Romanian Puscasi (Rifle) Company can hold their own against attacking enemy infantry, or advance and seize an objective.

Batalion Puscasi in Stalin's Europe (Late-war)

The riflemen of the Batalion Puscasi (rifle battalion) remain the backbone of the Romanian Army, despite new enemies and allies.

Stalin's Europe
RBX01 Battalion Headquarters: CnC, 2iC and Soviet Advisor Komissar The Batalion Puscasi is an infantry-heavy force provided with Romanian and allied Soviet support. Their Puscasi Companies contain their own mortars and machine-guns with more available as separate platoons. Weapons and support includes reconnaissance, anti-tank, engineers, cavalry, artillery, heavy mortars, anti-aircraft and air support. They also gain support from the Soviets with tanks, assault guns, infantry, rockets and aircraft.
RBX01 Puscasi Company with one Platoon

Batalion Puscasi in Eastern Front (Mid-war)

More than any other force fighting on the Eastern Front, the Batalion Puscasi represents the last vestiges of the old style of warfare—mases of hard-bitten infantrymen supported by artillery, with horse-mounted cavalrymen dashing around on the flanks. Achieving victory on a modern battlefield with such a force in a challenge for any commander, but once achieved is all the more sweet.

Included in RBX01:

  • 5x Command teams
  • 1x Soviet Komissar team
  • 24 x Rifle/MG teams
  • 4x HMG teams
  • 4x Optional Panzerfausts
  • 4x Optional Vanator de Care (Tank-hunters with anti-tank grenades or mines)

From which you can make:

  • Battalion Headquarters
  • Puscasi Company with one platoon (x2)
  • An additional platoon for one Puscasi Company
  • Puscasi Machine-Gun platoon
Two RBX01 boxes will give you the core of a formidable Romanian infantry battalion for either Mid or Late-war.
RBX01 Puscasi Company additional platoon
RBX01 Puscasi Machine-Gun platoon
RBX01 Puscasi Company
RBX01 Puscasi Riflemen and Machine-gunners

RBX01 Puscasi Machine-gunners

Design by Evan Allen
Painted by Jeremy Painter

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