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Stalin's Europe

Death on the Hungarian Plains!

In WI277 Blake and Victor went head to head with a pair of armies based from our new book, Stalin's Europe. We won't spoil the ending but Blake's M4 76mm lend lease Shermans and SU-100s went head to head with Victors Panzer IV/70(V)s and Zrinyi IIs.

For a limited time you can buy the armies that were fielded in the battle report (and get some of these new vehicles before they are officially released) - numbers on both army deals are strictly limited. Orders will ship in a couple of weeks as the deals are currently sailing their way to our local warehouses right now!

WEBX08 Germans and Hungarian Force

Somewhere near Debrecen…
A force of Red Army tanks from the 9th Guards Mechanised Corps has thrust its way past Hungarian positions and is heading north. Suddenly a force of German tanks supported by Hungarians approaches their flank and a firefight erupts.

13. Panzerdivision ‘Feldherrnhalle’
In early October the Germans rushed a number of Panzer and Panzergrenadier division to Hungary to stem the red tide. Among these units were the veterans of 13. Panzerdivision, recently honoured with the title Feldherrnhalle after its absorption of the 110. Panzer Brigade Feldherrnhalle. The panzer brigade added a much needed top-up to the divisions panzers, giving the division a battalion of new Panthers and a company of Panzer IV/70 (V) tanks.

For this attack the Panzerkampfgruppe has picked up some Hungarian units, some Zrínyi assault howitzers and a rifle platoon from one of the infantry divisions in the area.

WEBX08 Panthers
Panzerkampfgruppe (WEBX08)
(page 48, Stalin’s Europe)

Confident Veteran  
Company HQ
   2 Panzer IV/70(V)  

270 points
Combat Platoons  
Panzer Platoon
    3 Panzer IV/70(V)  

450 points
Panzer Platoon
    3 Panzer IV/70(V)  

450 points
Panzer Platoon
    3 Panther G   

560 points
Support Platoons  
Hungarian Rohamágyús Platoon (Confident Veteran)
    3 Zrínyi II assault howitzers

225 points
Hungarian Puskás Platoon (Confident Trained)
    3 Puskás Squads
    Commander Panzerfaust SMG team

135 points

Total 2090 points
Army Deal comes with decal sheets and magnets
WEBX08 Panzer IV/70s
WEBX08 Zrinyi IIs
WEBX08 Panzer IV/70s and Hungarian Puskas Platoon
WEBX09 Soviet Force

46th Guards Tank Brigade
The 9th Guards Mechanised Corps followed behind the lead cavalry and tank units of the cavalry corps thrusting towards the Tisza River.  Of all the types of corps in the Red Army arsenal, the Mechanised Corps in probably the most powerful. Each mechanised corps had six tank battalions and twelve rifle battalions as well as an array of supporting heavy tanks, assault guns, rockets, reconnaissance and anti-aircraft.

The 46th Guards Tank Brigade was armed with lend-lease M4A2 Shermans and had among their ranks the incomparable Gvardeyskiy Kapitan Dmitriy Loza. During the battles for Hungary he commanded the 1st Company of the 1st Tank Battalion, but was often entrusted with subsidiary command roles by his Brigade and Battalion commanders. He would often take charge of forward detachments or command the battalion when his commander was away. His unique abilities will prove vital in the upcoming battle.

WEBX09 M4 tanks
Inomarochnikiy Tankovy Batalon (WEBX09)
(page 14, Stalin’s Europe)

Fearless Trained  
Battalion HQ
    M4 76mm (M4A2 Sherman) 

85 points
Combat Platoons  
Inomarochnikiy Tankovy Company
    10 M4 76mm (M4A2 Sherman)
    Add Gvardeyskiy Kapitan Dmitriy Loza

80 points
Inomarochnikiy Tankovy Company
    8 M4 76mm (M4A2 Sherman)

580 points
Weapons Platoons  
Tank-rider Company
    2 Tank-rider Platoons

250 points
15 points
Support Platoons  
Guards Tank Killer Company
    3 SU-100 assault guns

325 points

Total 2005 points
Army Deal comes with decal sheets and magnets
WEBX09 M4 tanks
Gvardeyskiy Kapitan Dmitriy loza
Gvardeyskiy Kapitan Dmitriy Loza is the Soviet Warrior featured in Stalin’s Europe. He is a company commander in the 46th Guards Tank Brigade of the 9th Guards Mechanised Corps. He fought with the corps through the entire war, ending his campaigns in the far-east crushing the Japanese under his Emcha tracks in Manchuria.

WEBX09 Loza
WEBX09 SU-100s
WEBX09 M4 tanks and Tank-riders attack


WEBX08 - 13. Panzerdivision ‘Feldherrnhalle’
WEBX09 - 46th Guards Tank Brigade
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