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Images Of War
2010 U.S. National Tournament
Photos by Becky Alexander

We take a look at some of the action and images from the U.S. National tournament held at HISTRICON 2010 at the Valley Forge Convention Center, King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, USA. Held between 9-11 July 2010.

Click here to see the full results table for the 2010 U.S. Nationals...

Kfz 70 German Infantry
A German Elefant A Soviet T-34/85
Gaming action
Joe Krone, the man behind the scenes The booty up for grabs
More gaming action
Stalls on display
GF9 stand at HISTRICON
Two armies clash
What's your next move?
Take that!
Can you see me now?
Not one step backwards! T-34/85 pushes forward
A T-34/76 platoon takes the lead A German Panther D
A German Panzerwerfer 42 A FJ PaK40
A German Sturmtiger A Soviet Guards IS-2
A German Panzer IV A German Panther A
A Soviet ISU-152 A Sherman Objective
Allen Kaplan's 357th Strelkovy Batalon
A fine example of a 21st Panzer Division
Best Overall & Winner of the Johnny Frost Award

Mike McMann with his German Pioneerkompanie (right).
Mike McMann - Winner of Best Overall & the Johnny Frost award
Jon Cleaves - Winner of Second Place Second Place Overall

Jon Cleaves with his British Rifle Company (left).
Third Place Overall

Bill Wilcox with his British Rifle Company (right).
Bill Wilcox - Third Place Overall
Phillip Messier - Winner of Best General Best General

Phillip Messier with his German Panzerkompanie (left).
Best Army

James Huff with his British Rifle Company (left).
James Huff - Winner of Best Army
James Maffei - Winner of Best Sportsman Best Sportsman

James Maffei with his German Panzergrenadierkompanie (left).
Player's Choice

James Huff with his British Rifle Company (right).
James Huff - Winner of Player's Choice
Bruce Oberst - Winner of Best Painted Best Painted

Bruce Oberst with his German Fallschirmjägerkompanie (left).
Old Blood 'n' Guts Award

Emily Rutledge with her US Armored Rifle Company (right).
Emily Rutledge - Winner of the Old Blood 'n' Guts Award
Ed Leland - Winner of the Forgotten Hero Award Forgotten Hero Award

Ed Leland with his Soviet Guards Tank Batalon (left).
For The Fatherland Award

Dan Larson with his German SS Panzerkompanie (right).
Dan Larson - Winner of the For the Fatherland Award
All the winners

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