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Road To Rome Point Of The Sword - Valmontone
by Ken Camel

When General Clark, Commander US 5th Army, changed the direction of the breakout spearhead towards the Alban Hills and Rome, the original objective of Operation Buffalo, the taking of Highway 6 was left to the 3rd Infantry Division and Task Force Howze.

Generaloberst von Mackensen, the German 10th Armee Commander, was still reacting to the Allied thrust through Cisterna and was moving whatever available troops he could muster to plug the gap and defend the town of Valmontone astride Highway 6. One of the first to arrive was the 5. Schwere Aufklärungs Kompanie, Hermann Göring Fallschirmpanzerdivision. Panzers from the Hermann Göring Panzerregiment and Stürmgeschutesabteilung were on their way and the outcome of the battle would depend upon their arrival.

Download a PDF version the Valmontone scenario here...
Valmontone Scenario Map (Table Size: 72"/180cm x 48"/120cm)
Valmontone Mission Map

With the bulk of Allied Forces being redirected towards the Alban hills and Rome, Task Force Howze and the 3rd Infantry Division are left responsible for capturing the final objective of Operation Buffalo. Elements of Combat Command B and the 7th Regiment of the 3rd Infantry are racing towards Highway 6 in an effort to cut the vital artery between the Tenth and Fourteenth German Armies.

The 5. Schwere Kompanie of the Hermann Göring Aufkärungs battalion was one of the first units to arrive and attempt to keep Highway 6 open, thus allowing the bulk of the German Tenth Army to escape the advancing British Eighth Army. Neither side has much left in their offensive firepower but victory rides on the force that can hold the highway at Valmontone.

Valmontone uses Prepared Positions and Reserves special rules.

Your Orders

As the lead element of Operation Buffalo your task is to cut Highway 6 to Rome, preventing the German Tenth Army from retreating northward and escaping capture. Even though your forces are battle weary, severing the German lifeline can reap enormous benefits in the battle for Italy.

With the collapse of both the Gustav and Hitler Lines, the
Tenth Army is in grave danger of being cut off and surrounded. Keep Highway 6 open and clear of any Allied troops. Use whatever forces arrive to secure this vital artery.

Preparing for Battle
1. Set up terrain using the map as your guide.

2. Place the objectives at A and B.

3. The German player deploys all their platoons,
except those held in Reserves, within 16”/40cm of
Highway 6.

4. The US player places all their platoons within 12”/30cm
of their table edge.

5. Beginning with the German player, both players now
place their Independent teams in their respective
deployment zones.

Beginning the Battle
1. All German teams on the table start the game in
Prepared Positions, so they are in Foxholes and are
Gone to Ground.

2. The US player has the first turn.

3. German Reserves enter the battle from either end of
Highway 6.

Ending the Game
The battle ends at the completion of Turn Six or when the
US player holds an objective.

Deciding Who Won
The US player wins by capturing an objective before the end of Turn Six, closing Highway 6. The German player wins by preventing the capture of either objective, keeping the road open for the retreating Tenth Army.
Task Force Howze
American platoons are rated Confident Veteran
HQ, Company I, I/7th Regiment 3rd ID US Company HQ with two bazooka teams.
1st Platoon (Assault), Company I
Assault Platoon at full strength with extra Pioneer team.
2nd Platoon, Company E
Rifle Platoon at full strength with extra Rifle team.
A Company, CCB, 1st Armored Division
Tank Platoon with 5 M4 or M4A1 Sherman tanks.
D Company, CCB, 1st Armored Division
Light Tank Platoon with 5 M5 Stuart tanks.
C Company, I/6th Armored Infantry Regiment, 1st Armored Division
Armored Rifle Platoon at full strength.
91st Armored Field Artillery
Armored Field Artillery Battery with two Priest Gun Sections.
Hermann Göring Schwere Aufklärungs
German Platoons are rated Confident Veteran
5. Schwere Kompanie HQ, Hermann Göring Aufklärungs Abteilung
Two Command Panzerknacker SMG Teams, 3 Panzerschrek Teams.
5. Pionier Zug, 5. Kompanie, Aufklärungs Abteilung
HG Motorised Pionier Platoon with Command Panzerknacker SMG team and three Pionier Squads with Supply Truck.
5. Schwere Kompanie, Aufklärungs Artillerie Zug
HG Aufklärungs Artillery Battery at full strength with observer.
Göring Aufklärungs Cannon Zug
HG Anti-tank Gun Platoon with three 7.5cm PaK40 Anti-tank Guns.
3. Zug, 3 Kompanie, HG Aufklärungs Abteilung
Panzergrenadier Platoon with Command Panzerknacker SMG team and three Panzergrenadier Squads (with Trucks, Motorcycles, or Schwimmwagens).
9. Nerbelwerfer Abteilung attached to LXXVI Panzerkorps
Rocket Launcher Battery at full strength.
1. Battery, Hermann Göring FlaK Regiment
HG Heavy Anti-aircraft platoon at full strength with extra crew.
Hermann Göring Assault Gun Platoon
HG Assault Gun Platoon with 3 StuG G Assault Guns.
Hermann Göring Panzer Platoon
HG Panzer Platoon with 2 Panzer IV H and two Panzer III M tanks.
All forces used in this scenario can be found in Road To Rome.
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Fire Direction Center (UBX23)...

Obrest Gosewisch (GE891)...

M5A1 Stuart Light Tank Platoon (UBX21)...

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