Base Magnet Starter Set (AT101)
How To Use The GF9 Base Magnets

While browsing the online store you have come across the GF9 Base Magnet System. Upon seeing these items, you may have asked yourself “What are these for?" or “How do these work?”

In this article we intend to answer those questions.
Firstly, let’s begin by taking a look at what exactly makes up the range. The GF9 Base Magnet system consist of four products, these include:
The GF9 Base Magnet Range
What are these for?

The base magnet system is designed for the gamer who likes to carry their force around in a steel storage box or use steel movement trays. The magnets prevent any movement whatsoever and reduce the risk of damage during transit to almost nil.

How do the work?

The rubberised self-adhesive magnetic bases simply stick to the bottom of your Flames Of War infantry and vehicle bases. To help with this task the starter set (AT101) comes with a special fitting tool so you can align the magnet with the base correctly.

Basing tool, large base magnet and a Flames Of War artillery base
Removing the backing paper from the base magnet Applying the Magnets to Flames Of War Bases

Let's now take a look at how to apply the base magnets to your Flames Of War bases:

Step One

Peel off the backing paper from the base magnet by using your fingernail to get under one corner of the backing paper and peeling it back. If this gives you trouble use you model knife blade to lift the corner of the paper to get you started.

Take care not to touch the sticky surface of the base magnet, as the moisture from your fingers may make it less sticky.
Step Two

Line up base magnet with the appropriate space in the tool with sticky side facing up.

The central gap is for small bases (i.e. command stands, observer teams, sniper teams etc) aligned along the long edge of the base. The larger space is for medium bases (i.e. infantry teams, weapons teams and small gun teams etc), aligned along the long edge or for large bases (i.e. artillery and cavalry teams etc) aligned along the short edge of the base.

Using the tool to line up the base magnet
Placing the Flames Of War base onto the base magnet
Step Three

Carefully pick up the team base that you intend to install the magnet to, ensure that the bottom of the base is free from any dust and grit. This will ensure your base magnet sticks properly and flat.
Step Four

Next align the team base in the tool gap on top of the base magnet. Once you a happy it is aligned press down with enough pressure to ensure it sticks.

The Flames Of War base and base magnet lined up correctly
The Flames Of War base with the base magnet successfully attached
Step Five

Finally just turn the team over and run your thumb over the magnet to ensure it is sticking smoothly. Your team is now ready to stick to your favourite method of steel transport.

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