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Brummbär (Mid) (GE129) Brummbär (Mid) (GE129)
Mid Production Sturmpanzer IV - Sd Kfz 166

Designed in response to the fighting at Stalingrad where a well armoured hard hitting assault gun would’ve proved its worth against the industrial buildings and factories. The Brummbär initial plans were shown to Hitler in October 1942, he liked the concept and demanded they be put into production as soon as possible. The first 40 were in production by April 1943.

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Brummbär first saw combat during the battle of Kursk with Sturmpanzerabteilung 216. Later 217, 218 and 219 Sturmpanzer-abteilungs were formed with the Brummbär. The Brummbär continued in production until the end of the war and saw service on the Western, Eastern and Italian fronts.

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Brummbär (Mid) (GE129)
Brummbär (Mid) (GE129) Later production models were modified to take a lighter model of the 15cm L12 Howitzer. The superstructure was also redesigned to lighten the load on the front suspension. Our model represents the early and mid models before modification to the superstructure in mid 1944.    

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In Flames of War

The Brummbär can be a potent beast, but it has vulnerabilities. It is an excellent piece of kit for the destruction of enemy holed up in fortified positions.
ROF 1; Anti-tank 13; Firepower 1+
Front 9; Side 5; Top 1

The vehicle has a few limitations to be aware of, the 15cm assault guns range is 16”/40cm, you’ve got to get pretty close to engage enemy vehicles. It is also rated as a Slow Tank and Overloaded with side armour that can be penerated by most things on the battlefield.
Brummbär (Mid) (GE129)
Brummbär (Mid) (GE129)
You should also be aware of infantry threats, as they only have an AA MG and no hull MG, so keep some infantry or tanks of your own near by.

So get up close and personal with your target and blow them back to the stone age, but remember -- cover your Brummbär’s back.

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Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by James Brown

Brummbär (Mid) (GE129) Brummbär (Mid) (GE129)
Brummbär (Mid) (GE129) Brummbär (Mid) (GE129)

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