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BBX09 Box Art
Royal Artillery Battery (BBX09)
Ordnance, Q.F., 25pdr Mk 2 on Carriage 25pdr Mk 1

The British considered the excellent 25pdr one of the best field guns of its day.

It didn’t fire as heavy a shell as the German and US 105mm howitzers, it was, however, light, mobile and easy to reposition in combat situations. It also had excellent range.

It proved invaluable in the desert when the heaver Panzer III and IVs arrived in North Africa.
When the 2pdr proved inadequate for the task, the 25pdr was able to fill the gap with its excellent anti-tank round until sufficient numbers of 6pdrs arrived on the scene.  

By 1944 it was still the primary artillery weapon of the British and Commonwealth forces.

OQF 25pdr Gun
OQF 25pdr Gun It also continued to see occasional action in the anti-tank role, as at Villers-Bocage when 5 RHA, firing over open sights, destroyed a number of the German tanks.

The 25pdr gun was capable of firing a wide variety of ammunition, including smoke, flare, incendiary, propaganda and squash-head shells, as well as the normal HE, Shrapnel and AP rounds.

For a brief history of the 25pdr Gun...

OQF 25pdr Gun
Command Rifle Team 25pdr Gun Specifications

Calibre: 87.6mm (3.45 in)
Shell Weight: 11.34 kg (25 lb)
Max Velocity: 518 m/s (1700 ft/sec)
Max range: 12,250 meters (13,400 yards)
Weight in action: 1800 kg (3984 lb)
Elevation: -5°/+40°
Traverse: 4° left and right
Line Ammo per gun: 114 HE, 16 Smoke, and 12 AP

20-pound Anti-Tank round, performance Mk 2 gun with muzzle brake (Super Charge):

Max Velocity: 609 m/s (2000 ft/sec)
Max range: 2743meters (3000 yards)
With this new 25pdr Battery you get:

4 Guns and Limbers
2 Command teams
1 Observer team
1 Staff team
4 Gun team crews (20 miniatures)
3 Small bases
1 Single piece resin OP Carrier with crew
4 Different resin scenic bases
1 Scenic Staff Team Base

Staff Team Scenic Base
Command Rifle Team In Flames Of War

The 25pdr continues to be a valuable weapon into the late war. It can be fielded with the Field Batteries, Royal Artillery on page 86 of Fortress Europe.

The 25pdr is a Heavy Gun for mobility and fires bombardments 80”/200cm, Anti-tank 4, and Firepower 5+. It can also drop Smoke Bombardments.
In direct fire it still remains handy in the late war: Range 24”/60cm, ROF 2, Anti-tank 9, Firepower 3+ and has a Gun Shield, Turntable and can fire Smoke. It can also make use of all the British artillery special rules in the main Flames Of War rulebook.

Crew and Carrier designed by Evan
Gun and Limber designed by Karl
Scenic Bases designed by Richard
Painted by Jeremy
Scenic Staff Team Base Designed and Painted by James
Observer Team
OQF 25pdr Gun OQF 25pdr Gun
OQF 25pdr Gun OQF 25pdr Gun
OQF 25pdr Gun OQF 25pdr Gun
OQF 25pdr Gun OQF 25pdr Gun
OQF 25pdr Gun OQF 25pdr Gun
The New Scenic Staff Team Base
Scenic Staff Team Base Scenic Staff Team Base
Scenic Staff Team Base Scenic Staff Team Base
Scenic Staff Team Base Scenic Staff Team Base

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