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Daimler Dingo (BR310) Daimler Dingo (BR310)
Three models

In 1938, the British War Office requested the development of a scout vehicle.  Of the design proposed by Alvis, BSA and Morris, the BSA submission proved successful.  Manufacturing of the design was passed onto Daimler and was officially designated the Daimler Scout Car but quickly became known as the Dingo (after a rival Alvis design).
A small two-man armoured car, the Dingo was well armoured and offered a unique transmission that utilised a pre-selector gearbox that provided five speed in both directions.  While the original version featured a four-wheel steering system, it was dropped on later versions as inexperience drivers often found it hard to control.
Daimler Dingo (BR310) 
Daimler Dingo (BR310) The Dingo had excellent cross-country ability and was fitted with a flat plate beneath the chassis to help it slide across any uneven terrain. Its independent suspension also gave it a comfortable ride however it was extremely vulnerable to mines.
First used by the BEF (British Expeditionary Force) during the Battle of France in 1940, it saw wide spread use amongst Commonwealth forces during World War Two. The Dingo proved so successful that it remained in service with many countries during the post-war years.

In Flames Of War

The Daimler Dingo is small, fast and well protected.

Mobility: Jeep

Front 1; Side 0; Top 0

Equipment and Notes: AA MG

Dingo Platoons are Reconnaissance Platoons.

Designed and Painted by Evan Allen

Daimler Dingo (BR310)

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