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T19 105mm HMC (US141) T19 105mm HMC (US141)

Product Update
Starting in November 2010 this product will include the option of making a T30 75mm HMC (replacing US140). Blisters with revised contents will have "with T30 75mm HMC option" on the 2nd line of the blister.

The T19 Howitzer Motor Carriage was introduced in January 1942 and soon saw service in November taking part in Operation Torch against French forces in Algeria.
The M2A1 105mm howitzer was mounted on an M3 Halftrack. The halftrack had to be strengthened to prevent sagging though.  The howitzer was mounted directly behind the driver’s compartment. Fuel tanks were moved to the rear of the vehicle to accommodate the bulk of the weapon, the 105mm being the largest weapon to be mounted on the M3 halftrack chassis.
The T19 was the least produced of all the M3 halftrack variants, only 324 were ever made.

It was used in combat by the 1st Armored Division’s Armored Field Artillery Regiments, though other artillery units were issued and trained with the T19, they received the M7 Priest before seeing combat.

It was also used in limited numbers as an assault gun in some infantry Divisions.

The T19 proved cramped for the crew, and any sizeable stock of ammunition just added to the tight working conditions.

T19 105mm HMC (US141)
T19 105mm HMC (US141)
Though a limited design the T19 did allow the US to get a serviceable self-propelled 105mm howitzer into action ready for Operation Torch and in the hands of the 27th Armored Field Artillery it proved an effective weapon.

Model Designed by Evan
Painted by Karl Cederman

T19 105mm HMC (US141) T19 105mm HMC (US141)
T19 105mm HMC (US141) T19 105mm HMC (US141)

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