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T55 3” Gun Motor Carriage (MM07) T55 3” Gun Motor Carriage (MM07)
includes one T55 3" Gun Motor Carriage.

The T55 Gun Motor Carriage has it origins in the experimental 8x8 desert vehicle designed by Cook Brothers. They started by building a chassis that joined two powered 4x4 bogies, each with its own engine, into an 8x8 vehicle. This unusual vehicle steered by pivoting the entire front bogie.

It became known as Cook’s Cozy Cabin because of its box-like shape. Little interest was shown in this all-terrain vehicle by the US Army, but Cook Brothers began work on an experimental tank destroyer.

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Mid-war Monsters
In our research we have uncovered lots of really interesting experimental tanks. Some were just designs that were never completed. Others were completed as prototypes, and some even saw small-scale field testing!

These tanks were weird and wonderful, ranging from a 100-ton monster and a First World War relic, to a tank with two side-by-side main guns, an armoured car weighing more than a tank, and a machine-gun armed light tank with the armour of a heavy tank!

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Mid-war Monsters
T55 3” Gun Motor Carriage (MM07) This Cook Interceptor mounted a 3-inch gun. Two water-cooled Cadillac 8-cylinder engines were placed in the rear end of the vehicle and heavy-duty tires were fitted to cope with the extra weight. In an effort to gain a contract from the army, it was designed to be capable of fulfilling the functions of armored car, tank destroyer or armoured personnel carrier. In August 1942 they received a contract for further development of the tank destroyer as the T55.
Hull-mounted Guns
Some tanks mount weapons in the front of the hull instead of in a turret to save weight or to make them easier to produce.

A hull-mounted weapon mounted in the front of a vehicle has a 180-degree Field of Fire covering everything in front of a line drawn across the front of the vehicle. If the weapon is mounted at the rear of the vehicle, the Field of Fire covers everything to the rear of a line drawn across the rear of the vehicle.
During tests in December 1942 the T55 was pitted against competing tank destroyer designs including the T48 57mm GMC half-track (later used by the Red Army as the SU-57). After testing, modifications were made to the vehicle resulting in the T55E1. This revised design was sent for further testing at the desert proving ground at Fort Irwin. Meanwhile, production of the T55 for the US Army started with the Allied Machinery Manufacturing Company.

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Jeremy Painter

T55 3” Gun Motor Carriage (MM07)
T55 3” Gun Motor Carriage in Flames Of War
Equipment and Notes
T55 3in GMC
.50 cal AA MG.
M7 3in gun
Hull mounted.
T55 3” Gun Motor Carriage (MM07) T55 3” Gun Motor Carriage (MM07)
T55 3” Gun Motor Carriage (MM07)
T55 3” Gun Motor Carriage (MM07)
T55 3” Gun Motor Carriage (MM07)
T55 3” Gun Motor Carriage (MM07)
T55 3” Gun Motor Carriage (MM07)
T55 3” Gun Motor Carriage (MM07)

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