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GMI Games, located in Riverside, Ca. has been your FLGS since November of 2002 and has been offering the full line of Flames Of War miniatures since 2004 as well as an extensive line of GF9 products, and now more recently Wargames Illustrated. Our selection of products covers miniature games, card games, board games, RPGs, and modeling/hobby supplies including magnetic bases, mini magnets, and pink/blue foam.

For gamers interested in Flames of War, in addition to the full line of Battlefront Miniatures and related battlefront products, we have a solid core group of Flames of War players who are friendly and ready to teach the game to newcomers.

In general, our Flames of War players meet every Saturday from around 12:30 pm to late in the evening.  For those who are interested in other games, check our website http://www.gmigames.com for weekly events and store news.

GMI Games occupies 3,000 sq. ft. of retail space with more than 1,300 sq. ft. dedicated to gaming and hobby.  A family oriented environment, customer oriented staff, and friendly solid core groups for many of our gaming systems is what truly makes our store your Friendly Local Game Store.

GMI Games GMI Games
GMI Games GMI Games

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