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Autoblindo AB41 (IT303) Autoblindo AB41 (IT303)
Autoblindo Modello 41

The Autoblindo armoured car was designed to provide a vehicle for use with the armoured divisions in the reconnaissance role and as a policing vehicle to serve in Italy’s colonies in Africa. The first prototype appeared in 1939.

The first Autoblindo was the modello 40, armed with twin machine-guns in the turret, but the design was quickly upgraded to take the L6/40 light tank turret armed with a 20mm cannon to become the Autoblindo modello 41.
Autoblindo AB41 (IT303)
Autoblindo AB41 (IT303) The Autoblindo (AB) 41 had a rear-mounted engine, a turret mounting a Breda modello 35 20mm cannon, a rear facing hull machine-gun for use when the vehicle was driven in reverse, and a secondary driving position for such occasions.
In 1940 the Autoblindo was an advanced design with good mobility and performance, though it was occasionally troubled by steering problems in its four-wheel steering system.
Autoblindo AB41 (IT303)
Autoblindo AB41 (IT303) Light and fast, the Autoblindo could exceed 70kph on roads and 40kph across country. The spare wheels were mounted on centrally mounted freewheeling hubs and improved the vehicles obstacle crossing performance by avoiding bellying. It worked equally well travelling either backwards or forwards, with 6 forward and 4 reverse gears.
Sand or normal road tires were fitted depending on the theatre of operations and fittings were available to convert the vehicle for use on railway tracks. It had four crew (Commander, Driver, Radio-operator and Gunner).
Autoblindo AB41 (IT303)
Autoblindo AB41 (IT303) The AB 41 was used by Italian reconnaissance units in North Africa, with the colonial police, and for anti-partisan work in the Balkans.

Some development work was carried out on the basic design that later led to the AB-43 mounting a 47mm anti-tank gun in the turret, but only a few were made before the Italian surrender.

Engine: 80hp SAP 6-cylinder water-cooled inline gasoline engine
On Road Speed: 70 kph
Cross-country Speed: 40 kph
Weight: 7500 kg
Fording: 700mm
Maximum Gradient: 40%
Vertical Obstacle: 300mm
Crew: 4
Armament: 20mm Breda modello 35 cannon, one hull mounted 8mm Breda modello 38 machine gun and one 8mm Breda modello 38 machine gun at hull rear
Autoblindo AB41 (IT303)
Autoblindo AB41 (IT303) In Flames Of War

Autoblindo Armoured Car Platoons are reconnaissance platoons and the AB41 is ideally suited to this work in the desert where its wheeled mobility is not hindered by rough terrain and it can move at its quick on road speed (16”/40cm).

It is lightly armoured (front 1, side 0, top 1), but as a reconnaissance vehicle it shouldn’t really be hanging around in stand up fights.
It’s 20mm cannon is large enough (ROF2, AT5, FP5+) to help it extract itself from sticky situations, and makes quick work of soft targets.

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Jeremy Painter

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