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Naval Command team Naval HQ & Platoon (SU722)

Naval Infantry have been an important part of the Russian armed forces since the reforms of Peter the Great. Tzar Peter the Great transferred two regiments of ordinary infantry to the Navy, thus creating the Naval Infantry (Morskoi Pekhoty).

The Naval Infantry fought well during the Great Northern War (1700 - 1721) and the Seven Years War (1756 - 1763), as well as during campaigns against the Turks in the Mediterranean, the Crimea and Russo-Japanese Wars.

Naval HQ & Platoon (SU722)

During WWII the Soviet Navy contributed very little to the Soviet war effort at sea, but however they were able to contribute significantly in three areas: amphibious operations, lake and river operations and providing additional ground troops to the army.

Navel forces conducted dozens of amphibious operations, everything from ferrying duties for army troops across rivers to full-scale amphibious landings in the Crimea.

They also conducted operations on some of the wide river and lakes of Russia with specialized river craft, each river or lake having their own Naval Flotilla. 

Naval Komissar team
Naval Rifle team

They provided transport and fire support to army operations. By the end of the war the Volga Flotilla (who had played a major part in the battle for Stalingrad) had been redeployed to the Danube while the Dneiper Flotilla operated on the Oder in Germany.

By far the Navy’s most significant contribution to the Soviet war effort was additional fighting men on the ground.

In 1941 only one Naval Infantry Brigade was in the field, but as ports became threatened during the German advance, ship and land based Naval personnel became involved in the fighting and a large variety of units saw action during the chaos of the initial invasion period.

Naval Rifle team
Naval Rifle team

By the end of 1942 things became more organised, Naval Infantry under Navy control were Morskoi Pekhoty (Naval Infantry) while units of Naval personnel organised by the Army were Morskoi Strelkovy (Naval Rifles).

During the conflict about 500,000 sailors fought on the land fronts in the many naval infantry battalions, six regiments and 36 brigades (most formed from surplus ships crews). 

In Flames Of War

Morskoi Pekhoty in Mid War…

Morskoi Pekhoty in Late War…

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Jeremy Painter

Naval Rifle team
Naval Rifle team
Naval Rifle team
Naval Komissar team Naval Rifle team
Naval Rifle team Naval Komissar team
Naval Command team
Naval Command team

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