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ZSU M17 MGMC (SU160)

ZSU M17 MGMC (SU160)
ZSU M17 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage

Among the weapons the Red Army lacked the most during the war were armoured anti-aircraft vehicles to protect their tanks from the Luftwaffe.

However, the Lend-lease program supplied them with the solution in the form of the M17 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage (MGMC). This design successfully combined the half-track with the .50cal Browning M2 Heavy Barrel machine-gun. This combination existed in two types, one with a twin-gun Maxson M33 turret and, better known, with a quad-gun Maxson M45 turret.

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The latter was usually mounted on a M3 chassis and became the M16. However, 1000 vehicles were installed on the International Harvester built M5 half-track from December 1943 to March 1944 and subsequently delivered to the Soviet Union as the M17.

There, the M17 proved extremely effective against low flying and soft ground targets and soon earned the nickname “meat chopper”. It was designated the ZSU M17 MGMC and became the most common self-propelled anti-aircraft vehicle after the humble truck mounting an AA MG on the back.


Introduced: December 1943
Total built: 1000
Manufacturer: International Harvester Corporation.

ZSU M17 MGMC (SU160)
ZSU M17 MGMC (SU160)

Crew: 5 men
* Commander in cab right
* Gunner in turret
* Two gunners on right
   and left of turret
* Driver in cab left 

Combat weight: 19,700lbs/8940kg
Height: 90"/230cm
Length with winch: 255.5"/649.0cm

ZSU M17 MGMC (SU160) ZSU M17 MGMC (SU160)

Width: 85.625"/217.49cm
Wheelbase: 135.5"/344.2cm
Ground clearance: 11.2"/28.4cm 

Type: Four .50cal M2TTHB MG
Mount: M45D
Ammunition: 5000 rounds
Traverse: 360° (electric)
Max traverse rate: 60°/sec
Elevation: +90° to -10° (electric)

In Flames Of War

The ZSU M17 MGMC can support all the Tankovy Batalons, Motostrelkovy Batalon and Rota Razvedki in Hammer and Sickle as well as the Tankovy Batalon and Motostrekovy Batalon in Fortress Europe. They are purchased with the Battalion HQ.

ZSU M17 MGMC (SU160)
The ZSU M17 MGMC (quad .50 cal) half-track is lightly armoured with Front 1, Side 0 and Top 0. The M45 quad .50 cal MG has a range of 16”/40cm, ROF 6, Anti-tank 4 and Firepower 5+.

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by James Brown
ZSU M17 MGMC (SU160) ZSU M17 MGMC (SU160)

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