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M4 'Emcha' Sherman M4A2 (SU071)

M4 'Emcha' Sherman M4A2 (SU071)
(M4A2 Sherman, Lend-Lease), “Emcha”

The diesel-powered M4A2 Sherman was sent to the Soviet Union under the Lend-Lease program. The Soviets received 4102 M4A2 Shermans, both with the 75mm (2007) and 76mm cannon (2095), but didn't receive any 76mm armed vehicles until after Operation Bagration.

The M4 was nicknamed “Emcha” by Soviet troops. 

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Emcha came from "Em" for M and "cha" because the English "4" looked like a Russian letter "cha".

The Soviets preferred the diesel Shermans as their Soviet built tanks were also diesel-powered. Consequently, they were the second largest user (after Britain) of the diesel M4A2 Sherman with 75mm gun and the largest user of the M4A2 with 76mm gun. M4A2 accounted for nearly all Soviet Shermans.

Soviet combat experience found that the M4 “Emcha” was much less prone to catch fire and explode than the Soviet T-34.

M4 'Emcha' Sherman M4A2 (SU071)
M4 'Emcha' Sherman M4A2 (SU071)

Interestingly the Soviets never complained about the Shermans propensity to burn quickly which, given they only got diesel engined Shermans, would lend credence to those who would suggest fuel was the major cause of the "Ronson" effect.

The Sherman had good speed both on and off-road. Off-road performance varied. In the summer it performed well, but Soviet crews found that on soft ground, such as mud or snow, the narrow tracks gave poor floatation compared to the wide-tracked T-34. Soviet experience led to the track modifications to give grip in the snow.

The American-built M4 Sherman was often derided by Soviet propaganda as an inadequate armoured vehicle, but in reality it proved far more reliable than its Soviet built counterpart, the T-34. It had better optics, a powered turret traverse, carried more ammunition and was more spacious inside allowing the crew more room to operate. In addition the 75mm gun proved slightly superior to that of the T-34’s 76.2mm gun.

Pen at 500m
Pen at 1000m
7.5cm L/40
85mm 77mm
7.62cm L/41
81mm 73mm
M4 'Emcha' Sherman M4A2 (SU071)
M4 'Emcha' Sherman M4A2 (SU071) With lend-lease tanks ammunition supply was perceived as a problem. A number of Shermans were converted to carry the Soviet F-34 76.2mm gun as the M4M. As it turned out there was no shortage of U.S. 75mm ammunition, so there was little need to continue converting Shermans.

In Flames Of War

The M4 “Emcha” can be fielded in a Tankovy Company from Fortress Europe (Confident Trained) or as a Guards Inomarochnikiy Tankovy Company (Fearless Trained) from Hammer and Sickle.
Like other Allied Shermans it has Front Armour 6, Side 4 and Top 1. It is fully-tracked and is armed with a M3 75mm gun, Co-ax MG and Hull MG. The M3 75mm gun has a Range of 32”/80cm, ROF 2, Anti-tank 10 and Firepower 3+.

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Jeremy Painter and James Brown
M4 'Emcha' Sherman M4A2 (SU071) M4 'Emcha' Sherman M4A2 (SU071)
M4 'Emcha' Sherman M4A2 (SU071) M4 'Emcha' Sherman M4A2 (SU071)
M4 'Emcha' Sherman M4A2 (SU071) M4 'Emcha' Sherman M4A2 (SU071)
M4 'Emcha' Sherman M4A2 (SU071) M4 'Emcha' Sherman M4A2 (SU071)

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