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Sd Kfz 10 (GE273) Sd Kfz 10 (GE273)
Leichte Zugkraftwagen (1-Ton)

The smallest of the German halftrack tractors was the 1-ton series. The Sd Kfz 10 (as it was designated) was first made by Demag AG in the industrial town of Wetter, in the Ruhr. Later production runs were also made at Mechanische Werke Cottbus in Silesia and Saurerwerke of Vienna, Austria.

Sd Kfz 10 (GE273)

The vehicle layout was typical of most German halftracks, having rubber pneumatic front tyres, and a track unit at the rear providing the motive power. The tracks were cast steel with rubber pads. The track ran on an interleaved system of rubber tyred road wheels mounted on six axles.

The driver and one other could sit in the front while the rear seats provided space for a further six men.

The interior could be covered from the weather by a fold down canopy and canvas side curtains with clear windows could also be fitted to keep out the weather. 

Sd Kfz 10 (GE273)
Sd Kfz 10 (GE273) A number of different engines were used to power the Sd Kfz 10, with initial vehicles getting the 6-cylinder BMW engine in 1934, then the Maybach NL 38 6-cylinder engine and finally in 1939 the Maybach HL 42 engine which became the engine for the bulk of production.

Over 17,500 vehicles were produced by end of 1944.

It was originally designed to tow the 3.7cm PaK 36, the leIG 7.5cm Infantry gun or an ammunition trailer. The vehicles were soon pressed into other roles, such as a self-propelled anti-aircraft mount for the 2cm FlaK 38 (Sd Kfz 10/5).

The Mounting of an armoured body on a shortened chassis (five axles instead of six) went into planning in 1939, with the end result becoming the successful Sd Kfz 250 series of armoured halftracks.
Sd Kfz 10 (GE273)
Sd Kfz 10 (GE273) In Flames Of War

The Sd Kfz can be found doing a number of jobs in your German force. It was often found towing its originally designated loads the 3.7cm PaK 36 and 7.5cm leIG, but also towing the 5cm PaK 38.

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Glen Tibbles

Sd Kfz 10 (GE273) Sd Kfz 10 (GE273)

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