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More Units

BR753 Motor Platoon (Plastic)
includes two Company HQ teams, one Unit Leader team, three Bren Gun teams, one Boys Anti-tank Rifle team, one 2-inch mortar team, and four Unit Cards
USD 10.00

BR754 MMG Platoon & Mortar Section (Plastic) MMG Platoon & Mortar Section (Mid War x6 Guns Plastic), 4x HMG & 2x 3" Mortars
Price: USD 10.00   
BBX33 25pdr Field Troop (Plastic) 25pdr Field Troop (Mid War x4 Guns Plastic), 4x 25 pdr guns
Price: USD 41.00   
BBX39 Crusader Armoured Troop (Plastic) Crusader Armoured Troop (Mid war x5 Tanks Plastic), 5x Crusader tanks
Price: USD 50.00