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More Units

JP501 Type 94 37mm Anti-tank Gun
Contains two Type 94 37mm Anti-tank guns with crew, one Command Sword team, one Small three-hole base & two Medium bases.
USD 18.00

FW304 Rising Sun Rising Sun, 116pg Softback
Price: USD 20.00   
JBX01 Hohei Chutai Hohei Chutai, with two platoons
Price: USD 54.00   
JP702 Hohei Platoon Hohei Platoon, with three squads
Price: USD 30.00   
JP704 Hohei Machine-gun Platoon Hohei Machine-gun Platoon, with two sections
Price: USD 13.00   
JP706 Nikuhaku Teams Nikuhaku Teams, with six teams
Price: USD 13.00   
JP430 Isuzu 1.5-ton truck Isuzu 1.5-ton truck, Two Resin models
Price: USD 13.00