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XBX02 Machine Gun Bunkers (x4) - Direct Only
From the battlefields of World War One, to today, the machine-gun pillbox, bunker or nest has been a thorn in the side of infantry commanders. The ability to ignore enemy fire whilst keeping up a sustained amount of fire means they need to be treated with respect, and a lot of explosives!  Contains: 2x Bunkers and 2x Machine-gun Nests
USD 37.00

BB121 Anti-tank Pillbox (x2) Anti-tank Pillbox (x2) - Direct Only, with PaK43, 7.5cm FK or PaK38 options
Price: USD 47.00   
XBX03 5cm KWK Nest (x1) - Direct Only 5cm KWK Nest (x1) - Direct Only, One 5cm KWK Nest
Price: USD 27.00