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More Units

PL701 Battalion HQ
This blister includes the headquarters troops needed to field a Polish Infantry Battalion. It includes two 81mm mortars that can be attached to your infantry platoons.
USD 13.00

PBX02 Piechoty Platoon Piechoty Platoon, with AT rifle and Light Mortar
Price: USD 37.00   
PL510 37mm wz.36 gun 37mm wz.36 gun, Three guns and command
Price: USD 27.00   
PL704 Machine-gun Platoon Machine-Gun Platoon, Three HMGs and Command
Price: USD 13.00   
PBX06 Mounted Kawalerii Regiment Mounted Kawalerii Company, Regt HQ & 1 Company with 2 Platoons
Price: USD 62.50   
PL050 7TP 7TP Light Tank, with jw and dw turret options
Price: USD 13.00   
PL400 Motorcycle Platoon Zmotoryzowanej Motorcycle Squad, with 1 squad and HQ
Price: USD 14.50