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More Units

BR050 Matilda I (x2)
Infantry Tank, MkI, Matilda (A11) - Designed to a tight budget the Matilda I, though very well armoured, it carried only two crew and a single mg. In 1939 it was invulnerable to German tanks. Pack contains 2 Tanks and 2 Tank Commanders.
USD 22.00

BR701 BEF Company HQ BEF Company HQ, with 2 3" mortars
Price: USD 13.00   
BR702 BEF Rifle Platoon BEF Rifle Platoon, 3 squads with AT Rifle and Light Mortar
Price: USD 18.00   
BR704 BEF Machine-gun Platoon BEF Machine-gun Platoon, with 2 Machine-gun sections
Price: USD 13.00   
BR887 Major General Montgomery Major General Montgomery, with HQ Objective
Price: USD 14.50   
BR207 Scout Carrier Platoon Scout Carrier Platoon, Three vehicles
Price: USD 14.50