Panzerschreck XXlII 2024

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Panzerschreck XXlII 2024
Proudly presented by the Manawatu Duellists’ Society.

Panzerschreck XXIII. Being held this year at Riverdale School Hall, 95 Slacks Road, Palmerston North, New Zealand.

This will be a 145 pt. FoW M/W (Dynamic Points) Doubles Tournament with 5 rounds. All V4 FoW M/W Army lists published prior to 21st June 2024 may be used.

Umpires: Evan Allen & Tom Robertson

Special Information For 2024
If you are sick just prior to the tournament please don’t come! Let us know and we will happily arrange a refund if necessary, we may even be able to organize a replacement if your partner still wants to come. If we are forced to change, or cancel, we will try to give notice as soon as we can

Tournament Overview

When: 13th - 14th July 2024
Where: Riverdale School Hall, 95 Slacks Road, Palmerston North, New Zealand.
Entry Fee: NZ$35 per player (NZ$70 for a team).
Rules: Flames Of War V4. Mid War (Dynamic Points)
Format: Doubles tournament.
Points: 145 points total between two players (Dynamic Points)
Rounds: Five rounds, each lasting 2½ hours.

Map To Riverdale School...

Gaming table from Panzerschreck VIII
General Information

Painted/Proper Models
Yes, we all like to see painted models. But more than that we like to see people playing the game. If you want to play but your army isn’t painted, you are still welcome. Be prepared for lots of snow camouflage jokes, though! Of course we would prefer WYSIWYG and paint, but we won’t stop you from joining in the fun.

Professional Etiquette
It is asked that you mind your own business when it comes to other games. Do not touch models, and do not take it upon yourself to give advice to another player (unless it’s your team partner or opponents).

Tools of the Trade
Remember to bring plenty of your dice and measuring devices!
Soviet tanks ready for action
British Armour joins the fight Priorities, Priorities
If you’re in a tournament, it may be tricky to involve yourself in other events. If you do, however, please be aware of your own tournament’s progression - we won’t wait for you if you forget!

General Housekeeping
The school grounds are no-smoking, but there are ample areas outside the school grounds for smokers to congregate and plot. Dispose of all rubbish and tidy up after yourself. No alcohol on the school grounds. The having of fun is compulsory for all players.

Other Shiny Features
• Food and soft drinks available at the venue.
• Free Tea and Coffee.

Competition Rules

Rules: 15mm Flames Of War/ Mid War
This will be a 145 pt. Flames Of War Mid-War (Dynamic Points) Doubles Tournament with 5 rounds. All Flames Of War Mid-War Army lists published prior to 21st June 2024 can be used.

The Free French
Panzerschreck 2016

Flames Of War Doubles Format

1. Each team is considered as one Force with a minimum of 2 Formations, you may have more. Each force must come from a single Force Diagram or Force Card. One Formation must be chosen as the only support option Formation, the other Formation(s) may not take any support choices. Command cards can be used but only per the Force and not per team member.

2. US and British may operate Allied formations with each other but Soviet and German forces must use only their own formations together in the team force. Support units must be from only one of the formations in the team list.

3. 145 Points.
Each Team has 145 points between them to split up as they like. For example, one player could decide to take 100 points of Tigers, leaving their partner 45 points to build their formation, and for any support they wish to take between them.

4. Missions with reserves will count the percentage from the overall Force rather than from each individual Formation.

5. Each round will be 2.5 hours. Use Battle-plans for the scenario choice. If you roll a scenario that both teams prefer not to play then roll again or a mutual choice between the teams. The object is to enjoy the game.

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6. Each team gets 15 minutes to set up, please keep it as quick as possible. If you choose to bring an Infantry heavy force you will still be expected to set up in the same time.

Panzerschreck 2016
Prepare to fire!

7. This isn’t our first V4 Flames of War Mid-War tournament but there will no doubt be questions, and stuff we haven’t thought of, so please ask us and we will get back to you ASAP!

Game scores etc. count for the team, not the individual. The winning team gets the medals and prizes. The only individual prize will be for the Best Painted Army. The Tournament organiser's/judge's word is final.

Format: Starting promptly at 9am on both days there will be three rounds on Saturday, and two on Sunday with Prizegiving ASAP after the last game ends on the Sunday. Each round is 2.5 hours long and there will be a 30-minute break between games.

Best Painted/Presented Army: Will be judged by the Manawatu Duelists Club.

Expectation of Players
You are all expected to bring your own dice, rules, rulers, and armies. For anyone wanting to play and unable to comply with these requirements drop the umpire a line and we will see what we can do. First in first served and no promises.

Umpires: Evan Allen & Tom Robertson

Table tops provided by Placemakers
Prizes supplied by Battlefront
Panzerschreck 2016


Click here to download the Players Pack and Rego Form...

Send your army lists and please include the Army book and page number or screen-shots of digital “Forces of War” list your army has come from to Derek Forrester (Note: failure to include book and page number, pdf or screen shot of the digital list may result in your army list being returned for modification), by 25th June 2024

[email protected]

Send your Team’s Lists together if possible, otherwise ensure it is clearly named with both your and your partner's name.

DON'T forget to include Your Team name, please.

Note: You can make payment ($35) with your registration directly to our bank account: 06 0729 0418153 00

or you can pay on the first day.

Either is fine, don't forget to include last name as reference for individuals paying by internet banking or team nickname instead if paying for both at the same time.

Please send all correspondence to:

[email protected]

Map To Riverdale School...

Questions and Army Lists can be sent to Derek Forrester at: [email protected]

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