FlamesCon 2022 Results

Flames Of War

FlamesCon 2022 Results 

FlamesCon returned to NZ shores on the weekend of 5 and 6 November after a hiatus due to Covid. It was great to get back to rolling dice, the hubbub of a hall full of players and their exclamations when the dice worked, or didn't.

This year we were win a new venue because the old RSA at Onehunga is undergoing renovations. Players enjoyed the RSA at Grey Lynn, especially the air con. We'll be back.

A huge thank you to all the players who joined us for the weekend at FlamesCon 2022, without you this doesn't happen. Thanks also to the support team who helped with terrain and fold-up tables: Greg and John. And special thanks to Battlefront for your mighty support. The prizes were made by Titan Terrain [Invercargill] thank you Daniel.

Also thank you to our traveling companions fro Invercargill, Christchurch and Tasmania. We had a wonderful weekend brushing off the ashes of the pandemic and getting back to gaming again. Here's some photos of the players, winners and the placings.

All the players, thank you without you guys we have nothing.


Flamescon 2022 Players

Wooden spoon: Leo Gribbble, great to have a new player. (Pictured above, the young chap in the red hoddy)

Best painted: Daniel Linder

Daniel's Force

Sofia presents best painted to Daniel
 Daniel's Force

Best Sport AJ

Above: Best sport: AJ

Mediocre Ryan, a 4-way tie for mediocre was broken by a dice-off, Ryan rolled 2 6s in a row.

Mediocre (for those that finished in the middle of the pack): Ryan, a 4-way tie for mediocre was broken by a dice-off, Ryan rolled 2 6s in a row.

3rd place Mike Haycock, Italians L6s

3rd Place: Mike Haycock, Italians L6s

2nd Place Damian Reid, Italian M-14s

2nd Place: Damian Reid, Italian M-14s

1st Place, Nigel Wootton with Panzergrenadiers

1st Place: Nigel Wootton with Panzergrenadiers

Final Placings

 Photos of some of the Armies

Damian's Italians Damian's Italians
Chris's SU-76 Regiment
Rob's Commandos

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