French Nationals (GT) 2022

The French Nationals 2022

The French Nationals (GT) 2022 was held this week-end (12&13 Nov. 2022) in the lovely city of Bandol (South of France).

Players came from across France to challenge into a Mid War, 100 points, tournament, and spent a nice time together. The tournament was “No Limit” to allow everyone to take whatever combination and test it.

We had some drop outs and no shows, but it was good to see old faces and new faces battling each-others, with pro-tips and advises allowing the less veteran ones to progress.

We had 16 good games of FoW, pushing around toy soldiers on table tops. The majority of games were close to very close, with winners and losers determined by key actions, and, sometimes, Lady Luck’s favour. We used the football scoring (3 Big Points for a Win, 1 Big Point for a Draw, 0 Big Point for a Loss), and the 8-1 System as goal average.

Final Ranking
1 Fred Osio North Afrika GER Armored Cars + ITA Carri 4 - -
2 Patrick Coulon
North Afrika ITA L6/40 + L6/40 Scouts + Bersaglieri 3 1
3 Loic Grenier
Eastern Front GER Reconnaissance + GER Armored Cars 1 -
4 Fred Namiech
North Afrika UK Crusaders + Crusaders + Motor 1 -
5 Jean Michel Parant
North Afrika UK Armored Cars + Crusaders 1 1
6 Loic Soler
Easter Front USSR Hero Rifle + Armored Cars 1 2
7 Hubert Orgeret
Eastern Front HUN Motorised Rifle + T-38 1 3
8 Christian Repetto
North Afrika GER Panzer + Armored Cars - 4

Additionally, Most Sporting Opponent went to Hubert for his lovely attitude over the week-end. Best Painted went to Loic Soler for his nice USSR Force and his mastercraft and contribution to the boards used during the event.

Overall, a good time playing Flames of War. Thank you Battle Front for sponsoring the event. A new tournament at the same location will be held beginning of 2023: hoping to see even more players coming from afar there!

Last Updated On Thursday, November 17, 2022