German Infantry Paint Set

German Infantry Paint Set (GPS01)

German Infantry Paint Set
This product is no longer available.

This paint set when combined with the Quartermasters Set contains all the colours needed to paint your German Infantry for Flames Of War. The colours have been carefully selected to match the historical versions as closely as possible.

Our latest range of Flames Of War paints has a new, more durable formulation, but colours are exactly matched to the previous paint range.   

This set contains:

Camo Dark Green
Helmets and painted metal

Camo Beige
Camouflage uniform

Camo Medium Brown
Shirt & trousers

Luftwaffe Green
Shirt & trousers

Green Grey
Pouches, gaiters & breadbag

Field Grey
Trousers & tunic

Flames Of War Paint pots contain 17 ml of acrylic paint.

MG team

Fallschirmjager 8cm GW34 Mortar

Panzer Lehr MG team

Sniper team

German Infantry Paint Set (GPS01)


Sniper team
Panzer Lehr Command SMG team

21. Panzerdivision Panzergrenadiers

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