Panzerschreck 2021

Panzerschreck 2021

Panzerschreck 2021
Greetings fellow Gamers! The worlds oldest FoW tournament has managed to run this year. We missed out on holding the event last year unfortunately but it was great to get stuck back in again… and had to relearn a couple of things. Fortunately, we got a weekend of unseasonably warm weather after several weeks of frosty temps.

We had 18 teams participate in a L/W FoW doubles format on large 8’ x 4’ tables. Plenty of old hands attended, including the Battlefront Studio teams, and some Newby teams as well which is always great to see. There were 5 x 160pt 2.5hr games over the two days, all powered by plenty of gamer snacks and drinks with the odd hangover! The Missions pack was used to generate the missions for each game.

Battlefront, along with Titan Terrain, provided plenty of prize support and Placemakers Ltd. also provided us with the large table tops for the weekend so a great big thanks to all those as well. On to planning for next year which is looking like 140pts M/W doubles so far.

Team Team Name Army Placing/ Points
Cameron Wansbrough PAK Front Buffet American 4 Sherman Veteran Tank 1st - 29pts
Andrew Olds   US M10 Tank Destroyer Company  
Sofia Chambers Covid Bubblers Soviet Hero Rifle Battalion 2nd - 28pts
Leigh Watson   T-34 (85mm) Tank Battalion  
Simon Mcbeth Uncle Joe's Eastern Reunion Engineer-Sapper Battalion 3rd - 21pts
Chris Otton   Hero T-34 (85mm) Tank Battalion  
Bob Pearce Wittman's Winged Warriors German SS Tiger Company 4th - 20pts
Steve Eyles   Fallschrimjager Stug Assault Gun Company  
 Phil Yates Bye and Bye British Churchill Armoured Squadron  4th - 20pts
Ian Burgess   British Airlanding Company  
Derek Forrester Time for Tea British Sherman Squadron 6th - 19pts
Brian Trott   British Infantry Company  
John Lee Coke and Crack German Storm Grenadier Company 7th - 18pts
Ray O'Connor   Panther Tank Company  
Julian Harkness Psycho Killers German Recon Kompanie 7th - 18pts
Jonathon Carryer   Panzer Kompanie  
Bede Baily Fendalton Alliance British Desert Rats Rifle Company 7th - 18pts
Richard Steer   US Armoured Rifle Company  
Gavin Van Rossum Its a Blyatful Day Soviet Hero Shock Rifle Battalion 10th - 17pts
Andrew Munro   Soviet IS-2 Huards Heavy Tank Regiment  
Chris Townley Stalin Approved Soviet IS2 Guards Heavy Tank Regiment 10th - 17pts
Casey Davies   Hero T34/85 Tank Battalion  
Russel Briant KG160 German Storm Grenadier Company 12th - 15pts
Tony Bates   Half-track Scout Company  
Graham Henderson The Doughboys American Armoured Rifle Company 13th - 14pts
Nick Booth   US 3rd Armoured Squadron  
Jason Skudder Southern Blok Soviet Hero T-34 (85mm) Battalion 14th - 13pts
Daniel Linder   Soviet IS2 Guards Heavy Tank Regiment  
Alex Mcewen StuGePhant German 653rd Heavy Tank-hunter Battalion  15th - 12pts
Tom Leamy   Stug Assault Gun Company  
Bill Ronan Kampfgruppe Jill German Panzer Kompanie 16th - 11pts
Josh Moss   Panzer Kompanie  
Wayne  Tripple H Hungarian Huzar Squadron 16th - 11pts
Victor   Zrinyi Assault Gun Battery  
Greg Lockton 2nd Amendment M10 Tank Destroyer Company 18th - 8pts
Daryl Painter   US Armoured Rifle Company  

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