Heavy Metal 2021

Heavy Metal 2021 - 19th June 2021

Heavy Metal 2021 - 19th June 2021
with Garry Wait
A group of experienced players had noted that we were seeing more and more large infantry armies dominating in Team Yankee events and expressed a desire to run an event purely devoted to running armour with a minimum of foot troops.   That’s not to say we are against combined arms or seeking to make a tank game out of our beloved Team Yankee.  Far from it, this was a chance to mix things up and give some new players a taste of armoured warfare – or Heavy Metal as we called it. We are seeing more and more new guys coming on board and wanted to give the newer players a fun and easy to digest gaming experience.

The event was run through Brisbane Gaming Collective as a one day three round event and we found it ran very smoothly with a great friendly atmosphere and no disputes or disagreements at all. Two and a half hours proved plenty of time with the third game being over in almost two hours for almost all players.

The event involved the following restrictions :

  • No more than two formations for 125 points
  • No more than one infantry unit per formation and no infantry “support” units
  • Extended Battle Matrix used with no option for “Defend” (which makes sense in light of the above restrictions)

Heavy Metal 2021 - 19th June 2021

Heavy Metal 2021 - 19th June 2021

We found as a themed event, this was very enjoyable and having two players who were entirely new, the theme really made for an exciting introduction to World War III gaming.

I heartily recommend this as a good way to get new players into the game and it avoids games being bogged down with too many assaults or too many figures to move.  Everyone enjoyed pushing around tanks and having fun with them.  Of particular note was seeing Phil finally using his Chieftains and Challengers, not bad considering it was his day job as a gunnery instructor and senior Warrant Officer in the British Army of the Rhine and was only player to get a perfect score for the weekend – plus scored Best Painted Army award.

Too many players were nominated at equal levels for Best Sport to divine a recipient of this award which goes to show how well played the gaming was and such good spirits.

We look forward to the next event in Brisbane on 28th August which will be an Escalation event, points going from 80 to 100 to 120pts over the course of three games.

Thanks to all players and to Brisbane Gaming Collective for being gracious hosts and running a fun day out.

Heavy Metal 2021 - 19th June 2021

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