Late War US decals (US941)

US941 Full Colour Sheet

Updated Late War US decals (US941)

The updated US941 decal pack comes with a total of four sheets.

The first sheet is full colour and includes a range of symbols including ones for US Armor, Tank Destroyers, vehicle weights, US Flags, as well as a few other useful items.

The second sheet has vehicle registration number for the sides of your vehicles and names. The names were either placed on the side of vehicles or on the hull front.

The third sheet has even more names and numbers whilst the fourth sheet comes with small and large plain white stars and small and large circled Allied stars.

Often the vehicle sides were marked with the plain stars while the Allied stars were used for aerial recognition

For more information on how to get the most from these decals sheets scroll down for Victor's article included in WI295 or download a copy.

Download the Shooting Stars PDF here...

Designed by Victor

US941 Name Sheet
US941 Registration Numbers US941 Stars
Shooting Stars page 1
 Shooting Stars page 2
 Shooting Stars page 3
 Shooting Stars page 4
 Shooting Stars page 5
 Shooting Stars page 6

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