Flames Of War

Basing Your Army 

Battlefront Miniatures packages Flames Of War products to give you everything you need to assemble your force as quickly and accurately as possible. Our blisters and box sets are packaged to give you all of the options available to build your army.

In Fortress Europe we have included more information to help people understand how you should base up your figures. Of course you can always vary your squads from these guidelines to represent casualties or other such circumstances. In the new year we will also be publishing more guides on the website about how we recommend you organise some of our future releases. In the meantime, have a look at this PDF and hopefully it will help you to understand why we choose to put these particular figures in the box.

Here's the PDF, from Fortress Europe, that we thought we would share with you so that you can get started on your new force!

Basing Your Army PDF ... 

Basing Your Army Basing Your Army

Last Updated On Wednesday, November 12, 2008